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These six unnamed demons acted as guards for Crowley's factory base in Atlantic, Iowa.


Season 8[]

In A Little Slice of Kevin, the Winchesters and the Seraphim Castiel are led by a demon to an abandoned factory in Atlantic, Iowa which Crowley is using as his base for holding the kidnapped future Prophets and Kevin Tran. Making their way through the outside of the factory, the group spots one of the guards and hides briefly. As he walks away, Dean comes up behind the demon and kills him with the demon-killing knife. The group then splits up to find the future Prophets and Kevin.

In a large room near where the future Prophets are being held, Sam spots four more guards. Sam enters the room and the guards recognize him and prepare to advance on Sam, believing they have the advantage of numbers. Instead, Sam pulls out a demon bomb and throws it to the floor. The demon bomb vaporizes the four demon guards, leaving their shadows burned onto the wall behind where they were standing. Sam then finds the five surviving future Prophets they were guarding.

As Dean and Castiel near the room where Crowley is forcing Kevin to translate the Demon Tablet, they are attacked by a final demon guard. Dean attempts to attack with the demon-killing knife, but the demon throws him into a group of hanging chains with telekinesis. The demon then turns his telekinesis on Castiel who, in his weakened state, is effected by it. Castiel eventually manages to push through the telekinetic power and smites the last guard. However, smiting the last demon guard nearly causes Castiel to collapse.

Powers and Abilities[]

These demons appeared to be regular low-level demons with the powers of one.