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The Lance of Michael ceases its invisibility.

Invisibility is the ability to render oneself unseen.

Beings with this power can see each other, through Supernatural Perception. Castiel, an Angel, sees a group of reapers in Abandon All Hope... Invisibility can also be linked to be being on a different plane of reality. The Horsemen are naturally invisible, and can only be seen when chosen.

For the species of Fairies, they are always invisible except to those who have been to their homeworld, Avalon, or if they choose to be. When invisible, characters are also normally inaudible.

Characters with this ability[]

Naturally invisible[]

These characters are naturally invisible, and can only be seen either if they want to, and for Fairies, also if they've been to their realm.

  • Angels - Angels are naturally invisible and can make themselves visible if they want.
  • Ghosts - Naturally after death, ghost's are no longer visible to humans after they die and can see them. Ghost's can however make themselves visible to humans after learning how to be visible again at will.
    • Poltergeists - The beings themselves can not become visible, and could only be detected by their interaction with objects and furniture that move on their own. However, others ghosts can see them.
  • Fairies - No one can see them but each other, or if someone's been to their realm, or if they want to.
  • Daeva - Limited, their shadows can been seen.
  • Shōjō- Can literally only be seen by drunk people.
  • Hellhounds - Limited can only be seen by the victims and demons. They can also be seen through a lense burned in holy fire.
  • Reapers - Can only be seen by the dead or dying, or other supernatural beings. However, they can become visible if they choose to. Though they usually only become visible if necessary for them.
  • Zanna - Zannas are invisible unless they want to be seen.
  • Horsemen
    • Pestilence - His true form is not visible to humans.
    • War - His true form is not visible to humans.
    • Famine - His true form is not visible to humans.
    • Death - Like his brothers, Death can only be seen when he wants to be seen. However, Lucifer was able to see his true form when he was released.


These creatures are only invisible when they want to be, and are naturally visible.