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Into the Mystic is the 11th episode of Season 11. It aired on January 27th, 2016.


Dean Purgatory Blade.png.png There was something about being there... It felt pure.

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Sam and Dean investigate a case where people are suffering violent deaths after hearing a mysterious song.


Thirty years ago in Ireland, a father is playing a song to his daughter, when the wife comes home and he takes her for a dance. The husband suddenly hears a screeching sound that turns him mad and he starts bashing his into head to the wall as a spirit appears. His wife works fast to create a spell that can banish the spirit, but it costs her life to do so, leaving their daughter an orphan.

In present time, Sam is tossing and turning in his bed with Lucifer's voice filling his head, reminding him that he didn't try to look for Dean when the older brother was dragged to Purgatory. Sam decides to get up and is working on some of their weapons when Dean walks in, still in his dead man's robe, and brings them a case at a retirement home near the bunker, where a resident was found with his head bashed and no signs of entry from the outside. Sam hesitates because they haven't heard any more from The Darkness and Cass since they got back from Hell. Dean assures his brother that there were no weird signs from Amara, and Cass is fine, as he always is.

Meanwhile, Castiel, who is now the vessel of Lucifer, is enjoying life free from the cage, feeding the birds on the pond and taking a walk in the park, until an angel spots him. Lucifer lures the angel deeper into the forest and confronts him. The angel doesn't believe that Lucifer will destroy The Darkness, after the failed attempt from the angels. Lucifer kills him with a snap of his fingers.

Back in Kansas, Dean and Sam arrives at Oak Park Retirement Home for their case. Dean questions the manager while Sam takes a look at the victim's room. The manager informs Dean that the tenant was shouting for something to get out of his head, and his head was smashed on the wall.

The boys later find out that there was a man who sued the victim, yet the case never got to the court. Assuming that this man might hold vengeance towards their victim, Sam and Dean go to where he was buried to give his remains a salt and burn, not knowing that back in the retirement home, the manager has become another victim.

The next day, Sam and Dean question a tenant, Mildred, who witnessed the manager's death. She tells them about the spirit woman that she saw. While Dean is comforting the lady tenant, Sam asks one of the housekeeping staff, Marlene, who turns out to be hearing-impaired. After gaining no information from her, Sam returns to Dean and talks about the next plan, which Marlene finds out from reading their lips.

After a quick research, Sam and Dean figure out that they are dealing with banshees—the malevolent kind, who prey on the victim's brain and tend to search for vulnerable people. The only way to defeat them is using a gold blade; Dean decides to go back to the bunker to grab some, while Sam tries to figure which vulnerable person will be next.

Inside the bunker, Dean hears noises from one of the rooms. It turns out to be Castiel, ransacking the archives, saying that he's looking for a spell that can lure out Amara. When Castiel tells Dean that he had Amara in his sights and wasn't able to kill her, Dean returns the favor by telling Castiel that he had two opportunities to kill her, but both times he failed. Castiel then asks Dean to tell him the story.

Meanwhile, Sam visits Mildred because he suspects that she will be next due to a health condition. He tells her that both he and Dean are hunters and tells her about the banshee. Sam learns from Mildred that there is no one on the housekeeping staff who is deaf.

Sam then follows the deaf girl to the laundry room, where he sees a weird sigil. Before he can investigate further, he gets trapped between the two sigils, and the girl is about to kill him with a golden blade. Sam then tells her that he and Dean are hunters, and they are hunting the same thing. After the girl releases Sam, she tells him her real name—Eileen Leahy—she's the baby whose parents were killed by the banshee thirty years ago in Ireland, leaving her deaf. She was raised and trained by a hunter, until the hunter died of cancer. Eileen's grandfather was a Man of Letters, like the Winchester boys.

Back in the bunker, Castiel suggests that the connection between Amara and Dean might not only be because of the Mark of Cain, but also an attraction that Dean is scared of facing. Castiel tells Dean that they will find a way to stop The Darkness. The talk is interrupted by a phone call from Sam that fills Dean in with their current status; the boys decide to use Mildred as bait.

After hanging up with Sam, Dean tells Castiel that they should keep the talk between them, and Castiel assures Dean that the next time Dean met Amara, he won't be alone. What Dean doesn't see is the mischievous smile on Castiel's face after he leaves.

When Dean arrives, and starts giving out the golden blades, Mildred quickly pulls him aside to give him a small lesson on living a long and happy life. That's when Dean hears the banshee's screech. The spirit is attacking the others, while Dean starts to bash his head into the wall. Eileen gestures to Mildred to use the sigil to trap the banshee, and it works, and Eileen finishes it with her golden blade.

Before the boys leave the retirement house, Mildred tells Dean that she can tell he's pining for someone else. When they're back in the bunker, Dean tells Sam that Cass looked a little bit weird, although Sam thinks that Cass always seems a little bit off. They agree that they need to keep an eye on the angel.

While they're having their beers, Sam apologizes to Dean for not looking for him when he was in Purgatory. Dean shakes it off, saying that the important thing is that they're together now. Right before he goes to bed, Sam asks Dean why the banshee went for him, if it only goes after the vulnerable. Dean lightly answers that the banshee saw his golden blade and decided to attack him instead of Mildred. Sam shrugs and accepts this explanation, but later that night Dean is unable to sleep, left sitting on his bed with his head in his hands, obviously troubled by his thoughts.


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  • Sam is revealed to know a little sign language. He learned some while in college.
  • The sign that Sam assumes is "thank you" at first is actually the sign for "f*ck", or, in some Deaf communities, "f*ck-you". He is then corrected.
  • This episode marks the first time the Winchesters have salt-and-burned a body since Bad Boys. However the salt and burn failed to dispatch the monster.
  • The title "Into the Mystic" is a Van Morrison song about death or saying goodbye.
  • Lucifer tells Nithael that he is here to save the world, dubbing it "Lucifer ex machina". This is a variation of "Deus ex machina", a Latin saying that translated means "God from the machine", an expression of a divine intervention saving an otherwise hopeless situation.
  • Lucifer is shown feeding the ducks white bread. White bread is in fact bad for the ducks' health and can contaminate the ocean once it begins to rot.
    • It is unknown if Lucifer was aware of this. It is possible he wasn't, given his affinity for the Earth and no desire to harm it directly.
  • This episode is the second that shows one of the brothers talking with Lucifer without knowing it is him.


  • "Prison Grove" by Warren Zevon
  • "Wonderful! Wonderful!" by Johnny Mathis
    • This same song was played in the X-Files episode of "Home" multiple times.
  • "Will You Love Me Tomorrow" by The Shrielles


  • Dean: I tried to kill her.
  • Lucifer: Well, the two of you are connected somehow by the Mark.
  • Dean: Yeah no, it's, uh it's more than that.
  • Lucifer: Attraction? [Dean looks back uncomfortably] Oh, Dean.
  • Dean: I know. I know. Okay? Whatever it is, attraction, connection, I gotta tell you, man, it scares me. I don't know that I can stop it. I don't know that I can resist it.

  • Dean: Your hand is still on my knee.
  • Mildred: I could move it up.
  • Dean: Okay. That's -- I'm gonna.


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