Hester! No! There are so few of us left!
— Inias pleading with Hester to spare Castiel
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Inias is an angel from Castiel's old garrison. He and Hester both were at the top of their garrison hierarchy, directly subordinate to Castiel who was their Captain. After the civil war in Heaven, Inias and Hester took command of the remaining angels, including the newly awakened prophet's escort angels.


Season 7

Inias descends to Earth alongside Hester to secure the new prophet, Kevin Tran. He attacks the demon Meg who is harboring Kevin and Inias' former captain; Castiel. Meg retaliates by slicing Inias' hand with an angel blade, giving him and Hester pause. Castiel appears and attempts to calm his former comrades.

Inias is glad to see his old friend again, but Hester becomes aggressive when she realizes Castiel has lost his mind; the result of absorbing Sam's torment. Before they can seize Kevin, however, Dean uses an angel banishing sigil to send the angels away.

Inias later appears at Rufus Turner's cabin with Hester and other unnamed angels for backup where they confront Castiel and the Winchesters once more. Inias seeks a peaceful resolution but Hester loses her temper and beats Castiel before threatening him with her blade. Inias begs her to spare Castiel, stating that they've lost enough angels already. Hester, however, knocks him aside and moves in to kill Castiel. Suddenly, Meg attacks from behind and kills Hester before she can kill Castiel. With Hester dead, Inias and the other angels stand down.


Castiel with Inias

Later, the Winchesters allow Inias and the angels to take Kevin once he has deciphered the stone tablet containing the Word of God. Inias remarks to Castiel that they live in strange times. He then asks Castiel to join them, but the fallen angel politely declines. Inias then leaves with Kevin, but is not seen with the other two angels when they visit Kevin's parents and are subsequently killed by the Leviathan Edgar waiting there.

Later, in Survival of the Fittest, Castiel states that all the angels in his Garrison are either dead or have gone into hiding because of the Leviathans. Inias is not mentioned, so his exact status is unknown. Even if he did survive until Dick Roman was killed he would now be on Earth with the other fallen angels but it is possible that he has since returned to Heaven following Metatron's defeat. 

Powers and Abilities

Inias appears to be an average angel and has the abilities of such.

  • Angelic Possession - Like all angels, Inias needs a vessel to interact on Earth and needs his vessel's permission.
  • Immortality - As an angel, Inias is presumably thousands of years old.
  • Super Strength - As an angel, Inias was stronger than humans, monsters and most demons. He seemed to believe he could defeat Meg despite her being a powerful demon.
  • Super Senses - Inias was able to sense Kevin Tran and his location once the Word of God had been released and he was activated as a Prophet. He was later able to sense the Winchesters' location after Meg killed two demons.
  • Regeneration - By the time Inias returned from his banishing, the wound Meg inflicted to his hand had healed.
  • Smiting - This ability was shown when Inias was about to smite Meg, however she cut Inias' hand with an angel blade before he could smite her.


  • Angel banishing sigil - As an angel, Inias can be banished by the sigil.
  • Angel Blades - Inias can be injured and killed by angel blades. When Meg sliced his hand with one, he was clearly hurt.
  • Leviathans - Leviathans could kill Inias easily.



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