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Ingrid was one of Metatron's angel followers who had a high position in his faction, possibly as his assistant. When Metatron revealed his true intentions, Ingrid turned against him and moved to Castiel's side, along with the rest of Metatron's angels.


Season 9

In Meta Fiction, she was the one who warned Metatron about Gadreel's capture in the Winchesters' hands. She was also one of the angels who made the trade between Castiel and Gadreel.

In Do You Believe In Miracles?, she, along with Hannah, received Gadreel who "captured" Castiel and take them to what appeared to be Metatron's office. But that was a trap and they were trapped in Heaven's dungeon and asked Gadreel if he really thought their trick would work and then welcomed cynically Castiel to Heaven's dungeon, leaving after that. When Gadreel sacrificed himself in order to release Castiel, Hannah helped him by holding Ingrid while Castiel questioning her about the angel tablet's whereabouts, but she couldn't answer and Castiel asked Hannah to remove her from the office. After Metatron confessed his true intentions, Ingrid was one of the angels who helped overpower Metatron.