Amara can be harmed, but it is almost impossible to destroy her

Indestructibility is the property to be beyond destruction, no matter how powerful an attempt to destroy this object or entity is.

Characters with this ability

All characters are listed in alphabetical order.

Nigh Indestructibility

These supernatural entities are next to indestructible and can only be killed by beings of the same level of power or higher.

  • Cain - As the bearer of the Mark of Cain and the very first Knight of Hell, he can't be killed by normal means.
  • Death - Death had a considerable immunity against nearly all kind of physical and supernatural attacks.
  • Famine, Pestilence, and War - Although their physical bodies could be damaged, and the Horsemen themselves could be weakened, they couldn't be destroyed but by a handful of weapons and beings.
  • Ghosts - As "souls with baggage", ghosts cannot be destroyed unless reality itself is erased. High level Reality Warpers can also convert them into Demons and then kill them.
  • God - God is close to indestructible; only Death or the Darkness could kill him.
  • The Darkness - After a combined attack from angels, demons, and witches, Amara was still standing (albeit barely). Even after being struck by Lucifer following the combined attack, she still managed to overpower both Lucifer and God, as well as mortally wound the latter.

Advanced Indestructibility

These beings are among the most resilient and powerful in the Supernatural universe, they have very few weaknesses and could only be killed by nigh-omnipotent forces or very rare and powerful weapons.

  • Archangels - Archangels are immune to almost all known forms of physical harm, save for a handful of weapons.
  • Eve - Eve existed in Purgatory for a long time, and was related to Leviathans. Only one substance was said to be able to kill her.
  • Knights of Hell - Powerful demons trained by Cain, they were resistant even to the Demon-Killing Knife.
  • Leviathans - Nigh-indestructible beasts created by God, one of them survived having a car dropped on it.

Medium Indestructibility

These Supernatural beings have certain vulnerabilities, and could also be killed be some higher-tier entities like archangels.

  • Alphas - Alphas are immune to everything their children are immune to, and are more resilient to their weaknesses as well. Some Alphas are immune to weaknesses their children share.
  • Angels - Angels can't be harmed but by a few weapons. Their vessels, while occupied, are virtually indestructible, as long as the means by which the vessel is harmed doesn't affect the angel.
  • Azazel - A unique yellow-eyed demon. Immune to holy water and salt, in addition to other immunities shared by demons.
  • Deities - While they were still worshiped, they were next to invincible. Despite having lost most of their worshipers, however, they are still almost indestructible.
  • Fairies - Fairies are immune to everything monsters are immune to and are invulnerable to several forms of harm.
  • Jesse Turner - As the hybrid of a demon and a human, Jesse was immune to everything demons were immune to.
  • Nephilim - As the offspring between an angel and a human, Nephilim are very resilient to physical damage.
  • Samhain - The unique multicolored Demon Samhain showed little pain when cut by the Demon-Killing Knife, which is excruciating even to Knights of Hell.
  • The Wicked Witch - She was almost impossible to destroy, as even things that killed regular witches had no effect on her.
  • White-eyed demons - Highly resistant to salt, holy water, iron, and Palo Santo (holy wood), as well as a regular angel's smiting.
  • Whore of Babylon - The Whore was invulnerable to almost every known form of physical harm.

Low Indestructibility

These Supernatural beings have certain non-physical vulnerabilities, but they could also be killed be a lot of higher-tier entities like angels or powerful demons.

  • Black-eyed and Red-eyed demons - Despite being at the low end of the demonic hierarchy, as demons, they are almost impossible to destroy. Most harm to their vessel is irrelevant, as a demon can survive even if their vessel is damaged beyond its ability to stay alive.
  • Dragons - Dragons can shrug off almost any physical attack.
  • Hellhounds - Although they can be hurt by firearms and common demonic weaknesses, Hellhounds are extremely resilient to damage, even that inflicted by their own kind.
  • Jefferson Starships - As hybrids, they share the strengths (and immunities) of their "pure" counterparts.
  • Nachzehrer - Nachzehrer are "already dead", so decapitation and other forms of physical attack can't destroy them.
  • Phoenix - A Phoenix can't be killed by hanging, gunfire, or other forms of physical attack.
  • Siren - Sirens are very resilient to most known forms of destruction.
  • Vampires - Vampires are immune to almost all physical harm, including stakes and bullets.

Minimal Indestructibility

These supernatural beings have many vulnerabilities, and can often be killed by conventional means like fire, beheading, silver knives, and higher-tier entities.

  • Amazons - Despite their strength and other abilities, Amazons are as vulnerable as any human.
  • Arachne - Arachne are impervious to bullets and fire.
  • Changeling - Changelings are highly resistant to damage.
  • Djinn - Djinn are resilient to bullets.
  • Ghouls - Ghouls can shrug off most physical attacks.
  • Kitsune - Kitsune can't be destroyed by physical attacks.
  • Okami - Okami can't be killed by conventional weapons.
  • Pishtaco - They are invulnerable to most physical attacks.
  • Rawhead - Invulnerable to physical attacks.
  • Shtriga - Shtriga are invulnerable to all forms of weaponry unless they're feeding.
  • Skinwalker - They possess most of the invulnerabilities of werewolves, which include gunfire, knives, and most other types of physical attacks.
  • Wendigo - Wendigo can't be harmed by physical attacks.
  • Werewolf - Werewolves can shrug off almost any physical attack.
  • Witches - Despite their supernatural abilities, witches, like Amazons, are as vulnerable as humans.
  • Wraith - Wraiths can't be destroyed by most weapons.


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