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In My Time of Dying is the sixteenth of Supernatural: The Animation. It is a remake of the TV Series' Season 2 premiere of the same name.


In the aftermath of the car crash, the surviving Winchesters go to the hospital, where one is stalked by a Reaper while another must consider sacrificing himself to save the others.


Dean with his pregnant mother.

The episode starts with Dean having a flashback to his childhood. He greets a pregnant Mary while John is washing a car in the distance. The dream soon turns horrifying when Mary transforms into a monster. Dean awakens from the dream and sees an injured Sam at the door to his room. Dean approaches him but Sam ignores him, and walks over to the bed Dean was lying on.

To Dean's horror, he sees himself lying there in a coma, with tubes connected to him.

Dean soon realizes that he had fallen into a coma as a result of the car accident. John and Sam survived with minor injuries, however, John's arm is noticeably broken. John and Sam argue, with John blaming Sam for failing to kill the demon when he had the chance. John then sends Sam to visit Bobby with a note.

Sam arrives at Bobby's Yard and sees the damaged Impala. He hands the note to Bobby.

Back at the hospital, Dean's body nearly dies and Dean himself witnesses the monster from his dream appear above his body. The monster slowly turns to his spirit self which horrifies Dean. Shortly after, the monster leaves Dean's room and Dean's vital signs become stable again.

John experiences flashbacks from when Dean was a child, and he grows fond. In secret, John decides to summon Azazel and exchange the Colt for Dean's life, however, Azazel wants John's soul as well. John is initially uncomfortable, but agrees to the deal.

After the encounter with the monster, Dean leaves the room and finds his mother outside. His mother tries to convince Dean to let go of this world and be with her. Dean is reluctant.

The reaper in the guise of Mary.

When Sam begins investigating about grim reapers, Dean realizes that, the monster he saw earlier is in facta reaper disguised as his mother, and he confronts the reaper. The reaper tells Dean that no one can cheat death, but since Dean wants to stay so bad, she will let him, but as a result, he will become an angry spirit, the very thing he hunts.

At this point, John accepts his deal with Azazel and the demon takes possession of the reaper, and resurrects Dean using her powers. Dean wakes up and is greeted by John.

John tells Sam to get him coffee while he speaks to Dean. There is another flashback to Dean's childhood and John smiles fondly at Dean, before he leaves the room. Sam returns to find John absent, and Dean looking shocked.


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  • In the TV series, the grim reaper, known as Tessa, takes the form of a young woman whose mother is dying. In this version, the grim reaper takes on the form of Mary Winchester.