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Rowena freezes Crowley

The Immobilization Spell (also named Paralyzing Spell)[1] is a simple but powerful spell that is used to pin a target. It is capable of affecting beings like demons, angels, and even Archangels.


Empowered by the Book of Damned, Rowena used the spell to pin Crowley and Castiel after she was set free. Crowley was able to escape by abandoning his vessel and contacted his demons who got a witch to remove the spell. While Crowley was unable to effectively fight back while under the spell, he was still able to move his arms to block a blow. The spell had the added effect that even in another vessel, Crowley's powers remained useless until the spell was broken.

Rowena later used the spell to immobilize Lucifer in an attempt to send him back to his cage. Rowena was forced to keep repeating the spell to keep Lucifer immobilized but he eventually broke free.

Later, Rowena used this spell on Crowley to prevent him from saving Gavin MacLeod.

On another occasion, Rowena used the spell to immobilize the Winchesters so she could go after the Plum sisters and the Black Grimoire. In this particular case, she casted it with a hex bag.


The user recited a Latin word:

"Manete!" (means "stay")

The target of the spell is then immobilized.

On another occasion, Rowena dropped a hex bag at the feet of her targets before casting the spell. In this case, the spell was broken by burning the hex bag.