Illuminating Spell

The Illuminating Spell is a simple spell to illuminate any intended target. It was used by Rowena to illuminate the Werther Box, so they can read an inscription inscribed on it.


The spell used same procedure like Cabirian Invocation. The ingredients (a flower and a handful of yarrow powder, taken from previous ritual) must be burned into ashes. From the ashes, it blown up to any intended target and the user reciting a Latin word:


After reciting the spell, the target will be illuminated.

Max Banes may have employed a non-oral version of the spell in season 12; he illuminated the symbols of a warding spell made by another character merely with a gesture of his hand.


  • This spell was cast by an illusion of Rowena generated by the Werther Box. Its unclear if its actually a real spell or was created as part of the Werther Box's illusion to trick Sam.


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