Ian Johnston was the co-worker of Sam Wesson who committed suicide while on the job.


Ian was a bit scruffy; more likely to show up for work in a flannel shirt and jeans instead of a bright yellow company polo shirt and khakis like all of his cubicle neighbors in the Tech Support department. He took coffee breaks with Sam, during which he needled Sam until he revealed more of the vivid dreams he'd been having, the latest of which featured Sam saving "a Grim Reaper named Tessa from demons." At least once he used Sam as a sounding board for his inappropriate musings about female co-workers. Ian wasn't particularly concerned when he received an e-mail instructing him to report to HR, only curious as to why Sam hadn't received one, too. When Sam suggested it was probably about his habit of helping himself to office supplies, he joked that he hoped for a spanking.

The next day, Sam tried to discuss the apparent suicide of a co-worker with Ian, but found him not only unwilling to interrupt his workflow with chit-chat, but also clean shaven and wearing the yellow polo. Ian abruptly got up and left after receiving a call summoning him upstairs to a see a manager.


Ian reported to the office of sales and marketing director Dean Smith and was made aware of an invoicing error he'd made. Ian immediately apologized profusely for screwing up, affecting profits and failing the company. Dean tried to convince him that it wasn't that big of a deal, but he ran out of the office near tears. Dean followed him into the men's room and found him staring into the mirror. Suddenly, the air turned cold enough to see his breath and all the sinks and soap dispensers engaged simultaneously. Ian turned and looked at Dean, pulled a pencil out of his pocket and stabbed himself in the neck. Dean tried to help him, but he bled to death on the floor. He looked up and saw an apparition of an old man in the mirror.


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