I Believe the Children Are Our Future is the 6th episode of Season 5. It aired on October 15th, 2009.


Dean Purgatory Blade.png There was something about being there... It felt pure.

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Sam and Dean investigate a series of odd murders that strangely resemble fairytales and urban legends. The brothers track down an 11-year-old boy named Jesse (guest star Gattlin Griffith) and realize that whatever Jesse believes is coming true. Castiel tells Sam and Dean that Jesse is a serious threat and needs to be eliminated.


In Alliance, Nebraska, Amber is watching TV and brushing her hair while babysitting. She goes to investigate a strange noise in the other room and finds Jimmy in the closet, posing as a corpse. She pulls him out orders him to go to bed like she told him to, which he does after giving her a bit of a hard time, and she returns to what she was doing. Later, Jimmy's parents come home to a darkened house to find Amber on the sofa, and Mr. Jansen calls out to wake her so he can drive her home. When she doesn't respond, he reaches down to rouse her and feels something wet. He turns on the light and realizes there's blood on his hand, and screams when he sees that Amber's head is horribly mangled.

Amber apparently scratched her brains out.

At the morgue, Sam and Dean, as Agents Page and Plant, discuss the case with the coroner. He tells them that he thought Amber had been attacked by an animal, until they found her own press-on nail in her temporal lobe. It appears that she clawed through her own skull. They visit the Jansen residence, and while Sam interviews Mr. and Mr. Jansen, Dean encounters Jimmy, who nervously asks what he's looking for. After a skillful interrogation that includes a threat of a trip downtown, Dean gets prankster Jimmy to admit he put itching powder on Amber's hairbrush. As Sam and Dean are leaving the house, they get a call from the coroner.

They arrive at the hospital to see a body being removed and find out from the doctor that a man was electrocuted, but they haven't been able to find the reason why. He says the only eyewitness, Mr. Stanley, is senile and isn't making any sense. Mr. Stanley is in shock, and muttering that it was just a joke, and he didn't know it would work. Dean asks what he's referring to, and he reveals the joy buzzer that he's still holding in his hand. The boys exchange puzzled looks.


The boys check to see if they can cook in their room.

In their motel room, Dean prepares to test the joy buzzer on a large ham. He puts on industrial-grade goggles and rubber gloves, and Sam gives the go ahead. Electricity sizzles, and the ham is well-done within seconds. Noting that the buzzer doesn't even have batteries, they consider the possibilities of what they're dealing with; cursed objects or a powerful witch are the likely candidates. They decide to visit the store where the buzzer and the itching powder were purchased.

They arrive at The Conjurarium, "sanctum of magic and mystery," and speak to the owner about the two items. They find him to be generally disgruntled about the town's kids, with their fascination with kissing vampire movies and i-phones, whom it seems only come into his once prosperous store just to break stuff. The boys angle their questions to determine if he could be angry enough to resort to magic or witchcraft. Dean thinks he is, and suddenly grabs a rubber chicken and cooks it on the counter with the joy buzzer, as a means of confronting the owner with the evidence. When the man backs away screaming in horror, they quickly deduce that he is probably not a powerful witch. They apologize and leave in a hurry, leaving the man whimpering on the floor.


Elsewhere in town, it's bedtime and a father is telling his daughter about how the Tooth Fairy is going to trade her tooth for money. The little girl makes it clear that she doesn't want some freak coming into her room while she's sleeping. Still, her dad puts the tooth under her pillow and kisses her goodnight. Later, she sneaks into his room and puts the tooth under his pillow as he sleeps. He is later startled awake when a guy that looks like a biker in a fairy costume slaps his hand over his mouth. The man tells the dad to hold still, he might feel a little pinch, and wields a large pair of pliers.


A guy's face froze this way.

At the hospital, the man has been admitted after 32 teeth were extracted, and reports that his assailant left 32 quarters under his pillow. After he describes the man to Sam, it is suggested that he's whacked out on pain medicine. But, the fact is that his teeth are gone, and whoever or whatever attacked him got past locked doors and windows to do it. Dean has also discovered other crazy cases at the hospital: kids with ulcers from mixing Pop Rocks and Coke, and a guy who needs plastic surgery because his face "froze that way", referring to a manually generated expression which Dean, of course, demonstrates for Sam. After further discussion, they finally make the connection that all of the cases are related to lies that children believe. They figure whatever it is must be reshaping those lies into reality. They think it would have to have the powers of a god or a trickster, presumably one with the sense of humor of a nine-year-old.

Back in the motel room, Dean is still feeding off the buzzer ham when Sam returns from doing research. He has found that all of the incidents have occurred within a two-mile radial "blast zone of weird," where fantasy becomes reality. At the center of it sits a lone house on a four-acre farm, which they of course have to investigate. As it happens, their hotel room is also inside the weird zone, and since Dean has been bored and alone and thinking of a hot nurse all afternoon, his right palm is now... hairy. Sam is completely grossed out and reminds him that he could go blind from that, too.

They arrive at the house and try to gain entry by picking the lock, but young Jesse Turner opens the door and asks if he can help them. Sam asks his name and he replies, "Who wants to know?" They hand him their FBI badges, which he inspects and then chides them for failing to knock. Slightly embarrassed, they ask for his parents and are told they're at work. Even though he's obviously wary of them, he lets them in the house, and they find he his making his own dinner.
Sam comments that he had to do the same thing when he was a kid, and Jesse quickly asserts that he is not a kid. Dean notices a child's drawing of a bearded guy in a tutu on the fridge and asks Jesse if he drew it. He says yes, and seems surprised that Dean wouldn't know it's the Tooth Fairy. Dean carries on with questions about all the other kid-related subjects, and finds that Jesse believes them all; itching powder will make you scratch your brains out, mixing Pop Rocks and Coke will put you in the hospital, and making faces will cause you to freeze that way. When Dean produces the joy buzzer, Jesse excitedly tells him he shouldn't have it because it's dangerous. Dean says no, it's not. It doesn't even have batteries and is actually quite lame. Jesse accepts this truth, but Dean presses the buzzer against unsuspecting Sam's chest, to illustrate his point further. Sam is not amused.

After searching Jesse's birth records, Sam and Dean find out he was adopted, and set out to visit his biological mother, Julia Wright, who lives across the state. She answers her door cautiously, and at first denies she has a son. When they make it clear they are speaking of the child she gave up and ask about her pregnancy, she screams and runs from them, then grabs salt and throws it on them. She is genuinely shocked to find they are not demons. Sam and Dean are just as shocked that she knows about demons.


Julia expels her demon.

They sit down to talk, and she tells the brothers that while still a virgin, she became pregnant while possessed by a demon. After nine months of watching helplessly while the demon did horrible things, she gave birth to the baby alone. Immediately after the birth, she regained bodily control over the demon and expelled it from her body by ingesting fistfulls of road salt. The thought crossed her mind to kill the baby at that point, but she couldn't bring herself to do it. So, she put him up for adoption. As they leave Julia's house, the boys decide they need help.

Later, as Julia exits her house, she is startled by a mailman who comes up behind her as she's locking her door. He mentions her meeting with the Winchesters just before his eyes turn black. He tells her that they've been waiting to get back what she stole from them, and they know the Winchesters have told her where he is. He grabs her by the neck and holds her against the door while black smoke transfers from his mouth into hers, and then he collapses. Her eyes then turn black and she steps over him to leave.

Castiel answers the Winchesters' call, and is in their motel room when they return. He informs them that Jesse is what some cultures call cambion or katako, but what the Bible identifies as the Antichrist—half human, half demon, and imbued with essentially unlimited powers. The demons apparently lost track of him when Julia gave him up, and his power has kept him hidden from demons, and from angels. But, now that Lucifer is out of his cage, Jesse's power is increasing and the demons will be drawn to him. Bringing a few toys to life is what he can do without even trying. He has the potential to be Lucifer's special weapon in the war against Heaven, able to destroy the host of heaven with a word. Castiel makes it clear that Jesse needs to be eliminated.


Castiel tells Sam and Dean what has to happen to Jesse.

Sam and Dean rebuke the idea of killing a child, and believe Jesse won't turn evil if he's taken somewhere safe. Castiel angrily points out that a year ago, Sam was prepared to do anything to win the war. "Things change," Sam snaps, and he and Castiel have a bit of a stare-down. Dean moves to place himself between the two of them, telling Castiel that they are not going to kill Jesse, but realize they can't leave him where he is. Castiel points out that if they try to kidnap him, they'll have no way of holding him because he can be anywhere in the world with just a thought. Sam becomes more adamant that they just need to talk to him about everything, and allow him to make the right decision. Castiel gets face-to-face with Sam and hisses, "You didn't. And I can't take that chance!" Then, he vanishes.


Castiel appears in Jesse's living room, startling him. He slowly backs Jesse into the corner, claiming he won't hurt him, yet concealing a silver knife behind his back. Jesse screams for his parents, but Castiel assures him they'll be asleep until morning. As he raises the knife, the Winchesters break the front door open, rush into the room, and ask still terrified Jesse if a guy in a trench coat was just there. Jesse points toward the floor, and Dean bends down and picks up a Knife-Wielding Castiel action figure.

Trying to convince Jesse to come with them, Dean initially tries to tell him he's obviously a superhero and they need to take him to a place where he'll be properly trained to fight evil. Kind of like X-Men, complete with a guy in a wheelchair. As he's selling it, demon-possessed Julia bursts in and pins Sam and Dean to the wall. She begins to outline the lies he's been told by his parents, and by Sam and Dean. When Sam acknowledges their deception and tries to come clean to Jesse, she telekinetically seizes his throat to silence him. Jesse blocks her hold on Sam simply by saying "stop it," and that he wants to hear what Sam has to say. They are all shocked at his show of power. Sam continues with full disclosure, but the demon interrupts him again.
This time Jesse telekinetically confines her to a chair and renders her unable to speak. Sam explains to Jesse that there is a war waging between angels and demons. Jesse wants to know if what she said is true about him being half demon. Sam says yes, that's why the demon has come to take him onto their side. Sam tells him he and Dean can't stop him if he wants to go with her, but he needs to know that millions will die if he does. Sam says the human part of him will have to make the choice, and he personally knows it will haunt him forever if he makes the wrong decision. After that, Jesse exorcises the demon from his mother by simply saying to it "Get out of her."

The boys talk to Jesse more about what he can expect, the unfairness of it, the danger in bringing his family into it, and the inevitability that more demons will come. Jesse asks for a moment to say goodbye to his parents. He goes upstairs and looks in on them sleeping but doesn't wake them, and closes their door. He goes into his bedroom and ponders as he stares at a "Surf Australia" poster on his wall. Downstairs, the boys worry about the state of Castiel and decide that Jesse's been gone a little too long. They go to his room and discover he's gone and has left a note apologizing to his parents, saying he loves them and wants to keep them safe. Fully restored Castiel appears and reports that Jesse has also restored everyone who survived the sinister kid stuff back to normal, and has now vanished. He tells them the only way he can be found is if he wants to be.

As they drive out of town, Dean and Sam are rueful about having had to ruin Jesse's life by telling him the truth. Dean says he's starting to get that people lie to their kids as a way of shielding them from real evil so that they can go to bed feeling safe. The more he thinks about it, the more he wishes their dad would have lied to him and Sam. Sam agrees.


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  • Antagonist: Julia Wright's demon
  • Referencing the lyrics from Greatest Love of All (Michael Masser, Linda Creed, 1977), best known as a top 100 song when covered by Whitney Houston in 1986 as part of her album Whitney Houston.
  • When trying to convince Jesse to come with them, Dean references a secret base in South Dakota. This may be a nod to the show "Warehouse 13," which had just launced a couple months before the episode aired and featured actors that had previously appeared on Supernatural. The show is centered around a secret base located in South Dakota - the warehouse of the title - that contains items and people with supernatural properties.
  • Dean makes a reference to Roald Dahl's Willy Wonka when he says : "Besides, now we know who's turning this town into Willy Wonka's worst nightmare."
  • The Tooth Fairy is portrayed by Mark Acheson, who later returns to portray Hansel in season 10 episode About a Boy.
  • The Winchesters go to The Conjurarium to question the owner early in their investigation while suspecting that a powerful witch might possibly be responsible for the incidents in town. The store's logo includes the phrase "Validus Veneficus Hic" which translates from Latin as "Powerful Wizard Here."
  • This episode shares many similarities with the book Good Omens, written by Neil Gaiman and Terry Prachett. Both have an eleven-year old antichrist who subconsciously uses their powers to make urban legends come true.
  • When Dean fries the piece of ham with the joy buzzer, he says "That'll do, pig," which is a line from the 1995 movie Babe.​​​​


  • Dean: You know, we destroyed that kid's life by telling him the truth.
  • Sam: We didn't have a choice, Dean.
  • Dean: Yeah. You know, I'm starting to get why parents lie to their kids. You want them to believe that the worst thing out there is mixing Pop Rocks and Coke—protect them from the real evil. You want them going to bed feeling safe. If that means lying to them, so be it. The more I think about it... the more I wish Dad had lied to us.
  • Sam: Yeah, me too.


  • Dean goes for the comedy gold at the Conjurarium.
  • Sam has to remind Dean that since they are in the "blast zone of weird", he could go blind from doing that...
  • Sam is not happy that Dean just buzzed him with the same buzzer that nuked a giant ham.
  • Dean tries to convince an unsympathetic Jesse to re-size Cass.

International Titles

  • German: Die Kinder sind unsere Zukunft (The Children are our Future)
  • Hungarian: Teremtők (The Creators)

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