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I'm No Angel is the 3rd episode of Season 9. It aired on October 22nd, 2013.


Dean Purgatory Blade.png.png There was something about being there... It felt pure.

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Ezekiel tells Dean a group of angels is hunting Castiel. Dean and Sam race to find their friend before the angels do. Meanwhile, a homeless Castiel is trying to make his way through the city and comes across some unexpected surprises.


Castiel struggles to live among humans.

Two priests are talking together when they are confronted by a group of angels inquiring after the whereabouts of Castiel, who is staying in a homeless shelter going by the name Clarence. He is working at the church that runs the homeless shelter when he finds blood, which leads him to the dead priests in the graveyard who are impaled on posts with their eyes burned out. He goes on the run so the angels don't find him.

Sam and Dean are in the bunker talking when Ezekiel takes over Sam's body to tell Dean about the most recent angel chatter. Ezekiel explains that a faction of angels is organizing to hunt down Castiel. Dean tells him he'll handle it and he'll let him know if he needs Ezekiel. After Sam surfaces, Dean mentions that the angels are organizing, explaining it away by saying that it is the obvious thing they would do.

An angel by the name Bartholomew is using the web sermons of the Reverend Buddy Boyle to get people to open up to the angels and to let them use them as vessels. A girl working on the show wants to let an angel inside her, which Bartholomew allows, but the girl cannot contain the angel and explodes. He indifferently explains this to Reverend Boyle by saying not everyone is able to contain an angel and some casualties are to be expected.

Castiel is staying with a group of homeless people living under a bridge, using a broken-down bus as a temporary shelter. As he tries to fall asleep, someone is staring in at him. Castiel feels it and goes to investigate when an angel attacks him, and slashes his arm. While the angel shocked to realize that Castiel has been rendered human, Castiel manages to kill him with an angel blade.

Dean and Sam find a news story about the priests and head there to investigate. At the church, they talk to one of the homeless people to find out more about Castiel. Sam pulls up another angel kill article and they head to that scene, hoping it will lead to Cass.

Thanks to Bartholomew's plan, angels are finding vessels. Bart finds out Cass killed one of his operatives, but the angels are unable to track Cass because he tattooed an Enochian warding symbol onto his skin. Bart hires a reaper to track down Cass. He tells the reaper, Maurice, that if he finds the Winchesters, they will lead him to Castiel.

Sam and Dean investigate the latest angel kill, looking for hints on Cass' location, when they learn about the Boyle's videos about letting the angels in. They then go and question a group of homeless people to find Cass. A man who talked to Cass that day tells them that Cass may be headed to Detroit. The reaper is still seen following the Winchesters.

Cass is raiding the garbage for food when he is approached by a young woman who offers him a sandwich. Later that night, the same young woman (April) comes out of the building and sees Cass still there and brings him back to her home. She bandages up his arm and they kiss, leading to sex. The next morning Cass' angel blade is missing and April admits to taking it.

Dean and Sam realize they are being followed by someone and ambush Maurice in an alleyway. They take him to an abandoned warehouse to question him about whom he works for. They find out Naomi is dead and that Bartholomew is now running the angels. When he gives no more viable information, they kill him.

Dean is frustrated after having no success tracking down Cass, so he asks Ezekiel for help. Even though he can't find Cass because of the warding symbol, Dean asks Ezekiel to look for any reapers that might be hunting him down.

Castiel tortured by April

April Kelly turns out to be a reaper who questions Cass about Metatron and tortures him with the angel blade. He tells her about how Metatron took his grace for the spell and tries to save his own life by saying he may be the key to reversing the angel spell. Sam and Dean burst into April's apartment to kill her, but before they can she stabs Cass with the angel blade. The boys then kill April, and Ezekiel takes over Sam again, healing Cass' wounds and reviving him. Cass questions why he isn't dead. Dean lies and says that Sam "got dinged" and he made a deal with April to bring Cass back and he wouldn't kill her. Cass plainly states "you lied" which Dean admits to but does not give any other answer as to what happened.

Dean and Sam bring Cass back to the bunker. Sam wants to know how Dean knew how to find Cass. Dean lies again, saying he searched Maurice's pockets and found an address. Cass reveals that he has learned a lot about being human and reveals he had sex with April, leading the Winchester's to be surprised. Dean even goes onto make a joke about "having protection." Castiel goes to eat and Ezekiel takes over Sam saying Cass can't stay because he will bring the angels down on them. Ezekiel claims he will have to leave if Cass stays because it would not be safe for them, which means Sam would die.

Dean tells Cass he can't stay at the bunker and Cass is visibly upset by the news.


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  • Castiel says the title of this episode. The title can have three meanings:
    • The phrase refers to a person who admits they are not generally pure or virtuous.
    • The angels in Supernatural are noted for being almost nothing like stereotypes. Most are portrayed as condescending, bureaucratic and, in some cases, manipulative and brutal.
    • The title is also the name of a 1933 Mae West movie and a 1987 Gregg Allman single.
  • As a human, Castiel calls himself Clarence, a name given to him by Meg. She was most likely affectionately comparing Cass to the simple-minded angel Clarence played by Henry Travers in the 1946 movie "It's a Wonderful Life".
  • Castiel loses his virginity. It was previously revealed in the Season 5 episode Free To Be You and Me that Castiel has never had sex (or virtually any kind of sexual encounter), when Dean tried unsuccessfully to set Castiel up at a brothel. Ironically Dean also said to Castiel "You are not gonna die a virgin", though Castiel had already been killed once already and would be killed twice more before losing said virginity and just before being killed a fourth time.
  • According to the death certificate that Sam views, Hael's vessel was a 19-year-old girl called Gloria Lewellen Jacobson.
  • Artine Brown who played Maurice, the Reaper, previously played a night watchman in Lucifer Rising.
  • April tells Castiel that he looks like he has "been to hell and back". As a reaper, she would already know this.
  • Castiel has a new found respect for humans and their daily tribulations.


  • Castiel: Do you ever get tired of urinating? I'll never get used to it.

  • Reverend Buddy Boyle: There's nothing to fear! If the angels come a-knocking, just let 'em on in, and fill yourselves up with their grace!

  • Sam: Look at these chemicals. Do you even read the label?
  • Dean: No. I read PIE. The rest is just blah, blah, blah.

  • April: You look like you've been to hell and back.
  • Castiel: Yeah, a few times.

  • Castiel: I'm finding that often the people with the least to give are the most generous.

  • Castiel [after sex]: There aren't words.
  • April: So, it was OK?
  • Castiel Very much so. What I did, that was correct?
  • April: Very much so.

  • Dean: [to Sam] I don't see half the nerdy stuff that you do, it doesn't mean that you don't do nerdy stuff.

  • Castiel: There's more to humanity than survival. You look for purpose. And you must not be defeated by anger or despair. Or hedonism, for that matter.

  • Dean: Cass gave it up to a reaper.

International Titles[]

  • German: Ich bin kein Engel (I'm Not An Angel)
  • Hungarian: Nem vagyok egy angyal (I'm Not An Angel)




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