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The hyperbolic pulse generator was a device created by the British Men of Letters using a combination of technology and magic that can exorcise an angel or demon from its vessel.


In their efforts to defeat the evils of the world, the British Men of Letters created a variety of weapons through combining technology and magic to use against various beings. One such device was the hyperbolic pulse generator which emits a force that expels an angel or demon from their vessel; it was implied that such a device which can be used by anyone in possession of it circumvents the "unreliability" of conventional exorcisms, thereby rendering the act of expelling entities from the beings they possess more practical.

In 2016, after rescuing the Winchesters and Castiel from the Secret Service, Arthur Ketch shows them his arsenal, including the hyperbolic pulse generator. Recognizing its potential, Sam asks for use of the device and Arthur ultimately gives it to them. Crowley was none too impressed when he saw the device, first-hand, in Dean's hands after removing it from the pouch it was in.

After luring Lucifer into a trap using his lover Kelly Kline, Sam uses a sigil to weaken him then activates the generator he got from Arthur. The generator ultimately expels Lucifer from his vessel President Jefferson Rooney and Rowena banishes him, supposedly back to Lucifer's Cage.

In 2018, Arthur goes searching for the device in London in hopes that the hyperbolic pulse generator can be used to exorcise Michael from Dean like it was used to exorcise Lucifer from Rooney. However, Arthur is unable to find it.

Arthur eventually tracks the device to a Hungarian rare weapons collector and, chased by the man's mercenaries, mails it to the Winchesters. However, Michael is able to get the device and melt it.


Sam using the device on Lucifer

The user holds the generator with his right hand and holds it towards the possessed and recites a very short and imperative exorcism summarizing the command to leave and the type of being targeted - in the case of Lucifer, it was the Latin sentence Vade retro, Princeps Inferni!, which means "Get thee behind [me], Prince of Hell!", a variation of a Jesus' quote from the Bible.

The generator then emits a stream of energy at the possessed, gradually expelling the angel or demon from its vessel. As the generator does its work, the vessel is surrounded by a white aura, at least if its an angel possessing it; and since both Crowley and Castiel had to be in the adjacent room and only went in to the one that Lucifer and Sam were in after the latter activated the device, it's very likely that the pulse indiscriminately affects all possessing entities within range. However, once an exorcism has been established, other such entities could then safely approach the generator and its present wielder. Eventually, the being occupying the vessel is exorcised in a cloud of white light if an angel, or black smoke if a demon, leaving their vessel unconscious but completely unharmed and with no memories of the experience though this may differ if the vessel is already dead.

Physical Appearance[]

The hyperbolic pulse generator appears in the form of a golden egg with sigils etched all over it.



  • According to Arthur Ketch, the British Men of Letters invented the device because "exorcisms are so unreliable."
  • These devices are shown to be able to affect any angel or demon no matter how powerful they are given the fact that it could expel Lucifer, the second most powerful archangel.
  • At the end of Stranger in a Strange Land, Sam calls it "Newton-Dee hyperbolic Pulse Generator". This new name is a reference to the two great British scientists that also dabbled in the Occult: Sir Isaac Newton and Dr. John Dee.
  • The device looks similar to the precursor orbs from the Jak and Daxter series.
  • The carvings around the device are inspired in the so-called Honorian Runes or Theban Writing, a type of magical alphabet used in sorcery groups and witchcraft traditions for spellwork.