A Hybrid are a cross between two species, one usually human.

Known HybridsEdit

Nephilim (Human-Angel Hybrid) Edit

  • Jack - He is the spawn of the human Kelly Kline and the fallen archangel Lucifer. He was also the most powerful known Nephilim in existence before his grace was consumed by his father. Now that Jack has recharged (by consuming the grace of the archangel Michael) he is again touted as seemingly the strongest being in the Universe. He was killed by God and is currently awake in The Empty.
  • Jane - She was the last known Nephilim in existence before her cousin Jack. She was killed by Castiel.
  • Queen of Sheba - She lived centuries ago and was the wife of King Solomon.

Jesse Turner (cambion) Edit

He is the son of Julia Wright and an unnamed demon. He was destined to be the antichrist before disappearing by his own will.

Jefferson Starships Edit

  • Dean Winchester (Jefferson Starship, cured) - He was turning into a Jefferson Starship before the seraph Castiel reversed the process, returning him to human.
  • Ed Bright (failed Starship, deceased)
    • Four unnamed friends of Ed (failed Jefferson Starships, all deceased)
  • Joe Silver (complete Jefferson Starship, deceased)
  • Ryan Silver (complete Starship, deceased)
  • Several unnamed people (complete Jefferson Starships, all deceased)
  • Silver Brothers' Uncle (Jefferson Starship, deceased)

Oliver (demigod) Edit

Oliver is the son of the proto-god Prometheus and human Hayley. He was afflicted with the same curse as his father until the death of Zeus.



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