HunterCorp World was a universe created by God. It is one of multiple universes in Supernatural.

History Edit

Not much is known about its history, except for the fact it was created sometime after the Main Universe.

  • However, there were key differences to this world.
    • In this universe, John Winchester was still alive by 2020 and was a rich tycoon who ran a hunting company. John was said to spoil to his sons Sam and Dean.
    • Sam and Dean were still hunters but drove a different type of car and are stereotypical rich kids.

This world was destroyed in a massive explosion by God alongside many others, to clean the slate for his ending. Sam and Dean escape with their father, but John got separated from his sons who ended up in the Main Universe. After a brief time stuck between worlds, Sam and Dean were rescued by their Main Universe counterparts and given a chance at a new life in Brazil in the Main Universe.

Appearances Edit

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