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HunterCorp is a hunting organization founded by John Winchester, at an inaccurate point in his life (presumably when his wife was killed by Azazel). The purpose of this organization is to seek and eradicate monsters on a global scale.



John Winchester founded HunterCorp at some point in his life, and included his children in the business, which was progressing until it became an organization of scavengers worldwide, something interesting about this group was that he earned money by hunting monsters, which made John pamper his sons Dean Winchester and Sam Winchester. Sam and Dean ended up being so successful in their work that they had to have two airplane pilots on standby while they travelled to track monsters all over the world.

In 2020 when God began to destroy the world where HunterCorp existed, John and his children (and presumably some more HunterCorp members) opened a portal to escape to the Multiverse, however it is known that only Sam and Dean managed to reach the other side safely.

Known Members[]

  • John Winchester - The founder, and leader of HunterCorp. He created the company and included his children in it. When God began to destroy his world he tried to escape with them, but they separated on the journey to another dimension. He is presumed dead.
  • Dean Winchester - John's eldest son, Sam's brother, and a member of HunterCorp. He was introduced to the family business by his father, and he and his brother Sam they got so good in their task of hunting monsters around the world that they needed to have two pilots on standby. He escaped with his brother from the destruction of his world, and actually lives in Rio with Sam.
  • Sam Winchester - John's second son, and Dean's younger brother. His father introduced them both to the family business and he became so successful in his task of searching for monsters all over the world that he needed to have two airplane pilots on standby. He escaped the destruction of his world along with his brother, currently living with him in Rio.
  • Two Unknown Pilots - Airplane pilots aways on standby on the services of Sam and Dean.


  • They can be seen as the Men of Letters of their world.
  • All members of HunterCorp are dead, except for Sam and Dean, their father John is on an unknown destiny.