Hunted is the 10th episode of Season 2. It premiered on January 11th, 2007.


Dean Purgatory Blade.png There was something about being there... It felt pure.

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After Dean tells Sam what their father told him before he died, a distraught Sam sneaks off to Indiana without Dean. While there, Sam runs into Eva (guest star Katherine Isabelle), a psychic who confesses to Sam she sought him out to warn him of his impending death. Dean discovers Gordon (guest star Sterling K. Brown) is after Sam and races to find his brother in time to save him.


Scott Carey is sitting in Dr. George Waxler's office talking about his psychic ability that started about a year ago. He discovered that when he touches something, he can electrocute it if he wants. Dr. Waxler looks down at his notes in disbelief. Scott offers to shake his hand to prove him wrong, but Dr. Waxler just asks him another question instead.

We then see Scott walking through a dark parking lot toward his car. Two subway trains pass by overhead. A dark figure passes by in the shadows. As Scott unlocks his car, he sees a figure standing behind him in the reflection from the car window. He turns around and the figure stabs him in the chest with a knife. Blood flows out from Scott's mouth and his body slumps against the side of the car.

At the lake, Dean reveals to Sam the secret that John whispered into his ear before he died. John told Dean to protect his brother and that he had to save Sam, but that if he couldn't, Dean would have to kill him. Sam is distraught and infuriated, wanting to know what the hell that's supposed to mean. Thoughts about whether he's going to turn evil and what the demon's plans are for Sam start to fill his head. Dean understands that Sam is angry and he apologizes for not telling him sooner.  He begs Sam to give him time and says they should lay low until they can plot out their next move.

Sam is seen walking out of the motel and steals a car parked next to the Impala. He arrives at an abandoned building at 5637 Monroe St. He searches the outside of the building to make sure all is clear. He sneaks around to the backdoor, picks open the lock, and walks in very carefully. A few seconds after entering the building he sets off a tripwire, blowing him to pieces. Blood spews onto the screen, leaving only an empty shoe on the floor. Scenes of a bright light shining through a window flash briefly on the screen. We next see a young woman sitting up in bed, sweating and out of breath.  The man sleeping next to her wakes up and asks what's wrong and she tells him she had another nightmare.

Sam walks into the Roadhouse, nervous, and afraid to face Ellen. Ellen, however, is not at all surprised to see Sam, as Dean has been calling all day asking if she's seen him. Ellen asks what's going on between the two of them. Avoiding the question, Sam asks how Jo is doing. Ellen says she doesn't really know because after the job she did with Sam and Dean, she wanted to continue hunting. Ellen told her "not under my roof", and her daughter walked out. She hasn't seen her in weeks, but Jo still sends a postcard now and then. Ellen tells Sam that it's not their fault and that she forgave John a long time ago for what happened to her husband Bill.

Sam asks Ash to do a nationwide search for people like him with psychic abilities whose mothers died in nursery fires. Ash's database picks up four names: Sam, Max Miller, Andy Gallagher, and Scott Carey. When Sam inquires about an address for Scott, Ash responds with a cemetery in Lafayette, Indiana. Scott died about a month ago, stabbed to death in a parking lot; cops have no suspects in custody. As Sam heads out, Ellen says that she's got to call Dean and let him know where Sam is. Sam pleads with her not to breathe a word to Dean, telling her that he means well, but that he's trying to find answers about who he is, and that Dean can't protect him from this.

Sam pays a visiting to Scott's father, posing as a friend of Scott's from high school. Mr. Carey says that Scott had changed a lot in the last year.  it started with headaches and nightmares, then he became paranoid and depressed. He said they tried to get him help, but Scott refused. He locked himself in his room for days. While searching Scott's room, Sam finds three bottles of medication on his dresser and snags one of them. In the closet behind his clothes, he finds a collage of yellow eyes taped to the wall, leading Sam to believe that Scott was definitely connected with the Yellow-Eyed Demon.

As Sam walks to his motel room, he notices someone sneaking up behind him. He turns around and grabs the person, pushing her up against the wall and demands to know who she is. It is the girl who had the nightmare, and she responds with, "Please, you're in danger".

Inside the motel room, she introduces herself as Ava Wilson. She tries to make it clear to Sam right off the bat that she's not crazy and that she's not on drugs, but that she's been having these nightmares that started about a year ago. She really didn't think much of it. Then about a month ago, she had a nightmare, where she saw a guy get stabbed in a parking lot. A few days later, she found an article in the paper about Scott Carey's death, which she now shows to Sam. She continues by telling Sam that last night she had another nightmare, in which she saw Sam die. Sam realizes she must be one of the psychics that the demon has plans for. Ava believes Sam is insane. When he asks about her mother dying in a fire, she says that her mom lives in Palm Beach, which proves that Ava doesn't fit the pattern either.

Ellen calls Dean, against Sam's wishes, and tells him that Sam is in Lafayette, Indiana.

Ava begs Sam to just leave town, but Sam says he can't because he's got to find the answers he's been looking for. As far as Ava is concerned, she drove all the way out here from Peoria, Illinois, to save Sam's ass. But since Sam's refusing to leave, she's going to leave him to his funeral. She grabs her purse and heads for the door. Sam says that if she leaves now, she may never know the truth about her disturbing nightmares.

Ava makes an appointment with Dr. Waxler to help Sam steal Scott Carey's file from his office. She freaks out when she sees Sam walking along the ledge outside the window of the high rise building. To distract Dr. Waxler, she blithely tells him about how when she was a kid, she once ate eight packets of Pop Rocks and then drank a can of coke. She asks him if that is considered a suicide attempt.

Back at the motel, Ava is breathing heavily. Sam and Ava listen to the recording of Scott's visit with Waxler. In the recording Scott tells Dr. Waxler that the Yellow-Eyed Demon has plans for him, that there's a war coming. People like him are going to be the soldiers, and everything's about to change. Dean cruises by the motel and sees Sam, and is relieved he is okay. Looking from a distance, he sees Ava and starts chuckling, "Sam, you sly dog".

All of a sudden, shots are fired though the windows of the motel room. Sam and Ava duck behind the table, but the shots are still being fired by Gordon Walker, who is stationed on the roof of the building across the street with a sniper rifle. Dean spots him and lays a few rounds of punches on him, but Gordon manages to get the upper hand by knocking him out with the back of the sniper rifle.

Sam and Ava walk up to the now empty roof of the building from where Gordon was firing the shots. Sam finds 233 caliber rounds, which leads him to believe that Gordon put a suppressor on the rifle. Ava is now officially freaked out and Sam tries to assure her that he's not crazy, that he just watches a lot of T.J. Hooker. Sam calls Dean, who is tied up with Gordon holding a gun at him. Dean tells Sam to meet him at 5637 Monroe St.

Sam knows Dean's in trouble because he used the term "funky town" which is their code word of letting each other know over the phone when there is a gun pointed at them. Sam convinces Ava to go back home because he wants her out of harm's way. At the building, Gordon tells Dean that as much as he wants to get revenge on the two of them, he's a hunter, not a killer, but that Sam, as a psychic, is fair game.

With Dean tied up and gagged, Gordon explains to him that he was down in Louisiana performing a demonic exorcism on a teenage girl. She was a low-ranking demon, who in the midst of the action, muttered about a coming war, that the demon has soldiers fighting in this war. But the soldiers are humans, fighting on hell's side. These soldiers are going to be the Special Children, with psychic abilities, which the demon has plans for. The demon said that Gordon knew one of them, Sam Winchester. Gordon knows all about Sam's visions from his own roadhouse connections. He states that all these special children are going to be killers. Gordon has set up two tripwires in the building which will trigger the explosions with which he plans on killing Sam.

As Gordon expected, Sam searches the outside of the building and heads around to the back door, walking right into Ava's vision. With Dean gagged and still tied to the chair, Sam picks open the lock on the backdoor and - being extremely cautious - walks in slowly. The first explosion goes off and breaks down part of the wall, pieces of wood flying in all directions. Dean screams through the gag, with tears coming out of his eyes. A few seconds later, the second explosion goes off. Gordon takes his sniper rifle and peaks into the other room to make sure that Sam is dead. He sees Sam's shoe on the ground and assumes he's dead. Little does he know, Sam is right behind him with a gun of his own, demanding Gordon drop his weapon. Gordon slowly lays the sniper on the ground, but unexpectedly turns around and throws a punch at Sam. However, Sam manages to get Gordon back down to the ground holding the sniper rifle at his head. Gordon yells out, "Do it, DO IT, show your brother the killer you really are, Sammy." However, Sam is close, but manages to stop himself from pulling the trigger and instead bangs Gordon once more in the head with the back of the rifle. Sam quickly unties Dean and Dean is immediately ready to waste Gordon, but Sam stops him, saying Gordon's been taken care of.

Sam and Dean are walking back to the Impala, when suddenly Gordon walks out of the building with two guns in hand firing shots in every which way. Sam and Dean run as fast as they can, ducking at every shot fired. They hide behind a patch of tall grass and as Gordon approaches the intersection, five squad cars surround him ordering him to drop his weapons. Gordon's taken care of at least for a good three or four years, providing that he doesn't escape.

Dean gives Ellen a call, completely pissed off that she told Gordon about Sam's visions. Ellen denies telling anyone about Sam. But Dean is convinced that she must have told someone because Gordon said he had roadhouse connections. She says that she is not disloyal and that she didn't breathe a word of this to anyone, but that the roadhouse is full of hunters, each with their own patterns and connections. Gordon could have gotten this information from anyone.

On the road Sam makes several attempts to get a hold of Ava to make sure that she's all right, but only gets her voicemail. Sam tells his brother that he wants to keep hunting, and that he would like Dean to keep having his back. Dean just says, "Bitch" and Sam answers "Jerk", and smiles. Sam however has a bad feeling and convinces Dean to head over to Peoria to check on Ava.

At Ava's house, Sam and Dean find her fiancé, Brady, dead in their bedroom with bloodstains all over the bed. Traces of sulfur are found along the ledge of the window, proving that a demon's been there. At the foot of the bed, Sam finds Ava's engagement ring.


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  • Antagonist: Gordon Walker
  • Dean has a code word for when he is in trouble and a gun is being held on him, "Funkytown."
  • Dean reveals to Sam that John had ordered Dean to kill Sam should he turn evil.
  • The CW's official summary for this episode misspells the Special Child Ava as Eva. Eva is a character from the animated series.

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  • "White Rabbit" by Jefferson Airplane
  • "Lonesome Stranger" by Carey Bell
  • "Supermassive Black Hole" by Muse
  • "Sludge Truck" by Bad Poodle

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T.J. Hooker (1982) (TV Series)

  • Sam says he watches a lot of T.J. Hooker.


  • Sam: That was fast.
  • Ash: Well, apparently, that's my job. Make the monkey dance at the keyboard.

  • Dean: Screw the job. Screw it, man, I'm sick of the job anyway. I mean, we don't get paid, we don't get thanked. The only thing we get's bad luck.
  • Sam: Well, come on, dude, you're a hunter. I mean, it's what you were meant to do.
  • Dean: Ah, I wasn't meant to do anything, I don't believe in that destiny crap.

  • Sam: Are you okay?
  • Ava: Am I okay?
  • Sam: Yeah.
  • Ava: I just helped you steal some dead guy's confidential psych files. I'm awesome!

  • Dean: I know Sam, okay, better than anyone. He's got more of a conscience than I do. I mean, the guy feels guilty surfing the internet for porn.

International TitlesEdit

  • Finnish: Vainottu (Hunted)
  • French: Traque (Tracked)
  • German: Gejagt (Hunted)
  • Polish: Zwierzyna (Quarry)
  • Hungarian: Az űzött vad (The Hunted)

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