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Humans in Everybody Loves a Clown

Humans or Human beings, also called "Homo sapiens", were made by God, and are prominent inhabitants of the planet Earth.


  • Humans as seen on "Devil's Trap".
  • Humans as seen on "My Heart Will Go On".

Humans are mortal beings that populate the planet Earth. They are considered to be God's last and best among all his creation. Each human contains a soul, and, upon their death, is judged where his or her soul goes in the afterlife. Humans with unfinished business, uncertainty and severe emotional ties to the physical world may come back in the afterlife as ghosts or vengeful spirits. Under certain conditions or spells, they may be brought back to life. Whether they come back as they once were, or return as zombies and other similar creatures, depends on how the human was brought back to life.

Humans and their souls are vulnerable to certain supernatural forces that could weaken or strengthen, or modify them in many conceivable ways. For example, a human could be turned into any of different monsters. Some could be sent to hell and transform into demons themselves, after years and years of hellish torture and corruption.

Humans are also capable of being hosts or vessels for various supernatural creatures. Depending on the creature that seek to possess a human, it may sometimes require the human's consent. More often than not, however, humans are, on their own, incapable of preventing forced possession. Certain humans with significant bloodlines are of importance to many supernatural beings. The best example is the Winchester bloodline, able to host two of the most powerful archangels in existence.

  • Humans possessed by demons.
  • Jimmy of the Novak bloodline granting the angel Castiel permission to possess him.

Many supernatural beings, regardless of their origin and alignment, look down upon humans because of their mortality and physical frailty. The archangel Lucifer considered them as 'flawed' and likened them to 'abortions'. Uriel often uses derogatory terms such as apes to describe humans. A number of pagan deities consider humans to be nothing more than servants and/or a source of worship and sacrifices. There are a few exceptions, as God considers humanity to be perfect and even commanded all His angels to bow down before them. Later, the archangel Gabriel also defended humans and their ability to try to do good. Death, an ancient being and oldest of the horsemen of the apocalypse, more or less holds a neutral outlook on humans, but has, on several occasions, extended help to save the planet from destruction. Dick Roman, the head leviathan, generally has a low regard for humans, but considers their ability to create weapons to be of mild interest.

Powers and Abilities

Adaptability and versatility is truly the only notable ability of humans as much of the abilities of humans are limited by their mortal condition. They may display notable physical strength and agility, but are almost always overpowered by supernatural beings such as monsters and demons. For this reason, humans often utilize tools and weapons and augment themselves with knowledge of the supernatural.


Supernatural hunters.

A few of humans become supernatural hunters, who, with the knowledge of supernatural lore, creatures, and spells, combine them with conventional human weaponry such as guns and knives to ward off and/or kill supernatural beings that are normally more powerful than they are. Some humans are able to command magic more adeptly than others, and are called witches. While they can draw power on different sources of magic, the most common source shown in the series are demons. Powerful witches can live for hundreds of years. Humans who have great command with magic could match or overpower supernatural beings.


Don and Maggie Stark, two of the most powerful witches shown in the series, casting a spell to kill Sam and Dean Winchester.

Examples of such are Don Stark, who effortlessly paralyzed a leviathan for several days, and Tracy Davis, who was one of two powerful witches that managed to prevent angels from locating and destroying their plans to summon Samhain.

A branch of magic called Hoodoo is also accessible to humans. It is uncertain how different it is from the magic employed by witches. It is possible that Hoodoo is just one of the many possible sources of a witch's magic. Overall, it is unclear if witches only gain titles or if they are to be classified as a separate supernatural creature, as many remain to be grossly human.

Certain humans, including hunters, can also use spells against supernatural beings, but do not consider themselves to be witches. Examples are hunters' exorcism of demons, creation and use of sigils, charms and hexbags, and Sue Ann binding and controlling a supernatural being, in this case, a reaper.

A number of humans, called psychics, also have access to heightened supernatural senses and abilities such as telekinesis, telepathy, clairvoyance and astral projection. An extremely powerful form of psychic ability where a human can project his thoughts to alter reality is called psychokinesis. It exists in at least one known individual, Fred Jones. How or why this ability is achieved is unknown. Some humans may not be psychic but are able to use similar abilities with the use of some device, such as a spirit board.


Todd, a human child who gained super strength as a result of a cursed coin.

Humans may gain additional abilities with the help of cursed objects, spells, gifts from gods, and heavenly weapons, etc. For example, in Wishful Thinking, a cursed coin granted invisibility and super strength to some humans. Brick Holmes was granted heightened physical strength and improved reflexes and agility by an ancient Mayan god.


Humans are vulnerable to almost any supernatural being and are also vulnerable to their own weaponry.

  • Mortality - their physical strength wanes once they reach old age. They are vulnerable to diseases, and any form of physical harm
  • Lack of supernatural senses - this prevents most humans from detecting and/or identifying sources of harm from the supernatural world
  • Spellcasting - while they can gain power from spellcasting and witchcraft, they are also vulnerable to different forms of magic
  • Curses - related to spellcasting, curses often cause doom to any human without the proper knowledge to undo or prevent the curse
  • Higher beings - any other creature with supernatural powers can potentially kill humans
  • Transformation/turning - humans lose their humanity once afflicted with monster strains


  • Humans are almost always presented as either the protagonists or the victims in the series. There are however, a few exceptions.
  • Despite lacking many supernatural abilities, humans have been shown to defeat a number of supernatural beings, including the powerful seraphs, demons and leviathans.
  • Humans, albeit lacking supernatural origins, are the only species to be featured in every episode, so far.
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