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Although this article is based on canonical information, the actual name of this subject is conjectural.

The Human Body Restoration Ritual fully restores a severely damaged, or destroyed human body. It is unknown if this ritual also brings back the soul that used to dwell in the body, or if it is a soulless body like Sam was in Season 6. This ritual also restores things such as nail polish the human wore.


After Sam Winchester destroyed Josie Sands' body with Holy Fire, Abaddon decided to use this ritual to restore her body to act as her vessel rather than find a new one. To this end, she had a demon working for her named Jason perform the ritual rather than possessing someone else and doing it herself while she floated over Josie's body, waiting for its restoration. Jason successfully performed the ritual and Abaddon immediately repossessed Josie's body.


The ritual requires most, if not all, of the remains of the body for it to be restored. Several blood sigils must be painted around the body and demon blood must be poured into the remains of the body. A bright light would then flash from the body, indicating that it has been restored. The restored body can then be possessed by demons.