Mindmeld solution

Dean chugging down the solution.

The human/animal mind meld was an Inuit spell that allowed a human to combine their minds and senses with an animal.


Needing to communicate with the Colonel to solve a series of bizarre murders in Enid, Oklahoma, Sam Winchester had Kevin Tran look for a way to communicate with a dog and he found this spell in the Men of Letters archive. The spell granted Dean the senses of a dog and the ability to communicate with all animals, not just the dog he melded with. However, Dean also took on dog-like traits as a result of the meld. After about a day, the spell wore off and all of its effects on Dean disappeared.


The ritual required several materials to be mixed together to form a solution. The most important ingredient is a piece of an animal's body part, such as a strand of fur. A spell then has to be recited after imbibing the solution. The spell is in Inuit language:

Deila hér me. Dag eru nou rar vitur orum.



  • As this ritual relied on animals and sharing a connection with them, it could mean that this is a branch of shamanism.
  • Using this ritual Dean took on dog-like characteristics which is ironic as he doesn't like dogs. The ritual may have given him a new appreciation for them though as he admitted he'd miss the Colonel.
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