Hozai was an angel assigned to capture Kelly Kline.


Hozai accompanied Castiel and Kelvin on a mission to defeat Princess of Hell Dagon and retrieve Kelly Kline. The three angels infiltrated Dagon's hideout and were immediately confronted by Dagon.

Hozai tried punching Dagon, serving mostly as a distraction while Castiel tried to shoot and kill Dagon using The Colt. However, Kelvin instructed Castiel to use this opportunity to head into the basement, where Kelly was. Dagon exploded Hozai and proceeded with capturing Kelvin. Unfortunately for her, Castiel got away, taking Kelly with him to the Heavenly Portal.

Powers and Abilities

  • Angelic Possession - Hozai required a human vessel in order to walk the Earth. He also needed the vessel's consent.


  • Higher Demons - Dagon was unfazed by Hozai's punches and she easily killed him with a mere touch.



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