This unnamed boy was the brother of Howard.


As children, he and his brother Howard were very close, taking a picture together at one of their birthday parties. He eventually drowned despite Howard's attempts to save him and call for help. However, Howard's parents wouldn't listen to his screams, leading Howard to blame his parents for the death of his brother.

Following the death of his brother, Howard was left traumatized and ultimately went insane. He developed a fear of drowning because of what happened to his brother and feared his brother blamed him for his death. Howard eventually started to kill what he saw as bad parents at the Plucky Pennywhistle's Magical Menagerie store that he worked at in an attempt to prevent things like what had happened to his brother and himself from happening to other kids.

After Dean Winchester discovered Howard's lair in the basement of the store, he found drawings made by Howard representing his brother's drowning and a picture of them together. Dean deduced what had happened to the boy and that Howard was still frightened by it. Dean tossed one of Howard's Plucky figurines and a drawing of his drowned brother into the ritual Howard used to bring people's fears to life.

As Howard fired, his brother's soaking wet ghost appeared and the shots struck him. The bullet holes quickly closed and the boy angrily advanced on Howard. As Howard pleaded that it wasn't his fault and that he was sorry, his brother touched Howard's hand, causing Howard to drown from the inside as his brother and Dean watched.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Due to the magic that summoned him, he was an unusual ghost.

  • Regeneration - The bullet holes created by Howard's gun quickly closed over.
  • Hydrokinesis - With just a touch, he was able to cause Howard to drown from the inside.



  • When he appeared, he was a Vengeful Spirit. However, this and the way he killed Howard came from the magic that summoned him. Its unknown if he would've actually been a vengeful spirit otherwise or if he truly blamed Howard for his death and wanted to kill him.
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