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Howard was an employee of Pennywhistle's Magic Menagerie play store. He used children's drawings to physically construct fantasies into reality to punish bad parents.


Early Life[]

Howard and his brother as children.

When he was a child, his brother drowned. He tried to tell his parents, but they didn't listen, so his brother drowned, and he spent the rest of his life blaming them for this. When he grew up, all he wanted to do was help children, that is why he got a job at Plucky's. He applied for manager, but was turned down.

Season 7[]

Now an employee at Plucky Pennywhistle's Magical Menagerie in Wichita, Kansas, Howard is using a Hoodoo spell to exact revenge on people he perceives as mean or neglectful parents. Howard takes a drawing of the child's fear, which the restaurant chain encourages them to do on placemats, and combined with an object owned by the parent. There is power in the child's fear, and combined with the spell, it manifests in reality.

When Sam and Dean arrive in town, one man has been killed by a giant octopus, and then another is gored by a unicorn. When the janitor Saul offers to give Sam information, he is killed by shark in the kiddie's ball pit.

Another employee Cliff tells Dean and Sam he and Saul heard noises coming from the sub-basement. When one of the waitresses Libby berates her son Tyler, she appears to be the next victim. Sam follows, on the lookout for the giant robot with laser beam eyes (Tyler's fear).

Howard drowns.

Dean goes to the sub basement, and finds Howard's hoodoo books and equipment, including a cauldron with a fire in it. Howard confronts him, and tells him he's put a spell on Sam. As Sam watched Libby and Tyler, he is approached by two evil-looking clowns, who attack him.

Dean manages to get a clown statue Howard owns, along with a drawing he did of his brother drowning, and tosses them into the fire. The ghost of Howard's drowned brother appears and as Howard pleads that it wasn't his fault, his brother touches his hand, causing Howard to drown from the inside. Howard's death causes the clown apparitions to disappear, saving Sam.

Powers and Abilities[]

  • Conjuration - Using fear-based magic, he could manipulate the power of people's fears and conjure those fears into reality, making the fears become real to kill people.