This unnamed man was the manager of the hotel in which Henry Winchester arrived in through time travel.


Sam and Dean Winchester rented a room in this man's hotel. During their stay, their paternal grandfather Henry Winchester emerged from their closet. Henry had escaped from the year 1958 in order to protect a valuable key belonging to the Men of Letters. He had intended to arrive at his son John's location, but John was already dead, leaving him to meet his grandsons instead.

Knight of Hell Abaddon was in pursuit of Henry and followed him to the current year. The three Winchesters managed to evade her and drive away in The Impala. The hotel manager shouted after them as they left. Abaddon then approached the manager and read his mind in order to find out where the three men had gone.

After gaining the information she needed, Abaddon told the hotel manager that she was "checking out" before slitting the man's throat with her nails.



  • This man is the first person killed by Abaddon upon her arrival in 2013.
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