Hope Springs, Idaho, aftermath

Hope Springs, in the aftermath of the fog

Hope Springs is a place in the U.S. state of Idaho.

Season 11

Hope Springs became the location where a new kind of Rabid made itself known. It was also attacked by a fog, which was responsible for transforming the citizens into murderous Rabid.

Sam and Dean Winchester came to investigate this place and spoke with the police department. After encountering Deputy Jan Harris, who had been infected and came to pass on information from Amara to Dean, they witnessed the fog arrive and consume the entire road.

The brothers rushed everyone into the police station and tried to seal off the building, but the fog managed to break in despite their efforts, and Sam was infected.

The fog was removed and its victims were saved by the arrival of God. As it was the only place in which God intervened against the fog, Hope Springs and its citizens became the sole survivors in towns hit by the fog, along with Sam, Dean, the Prophet Donatello, and the people Sam cured in Form and Void.

Known Residents



  • This place is notable for being the location where Sam and Dean meet God for the first time, without him pretending to be someone else.
  • Hope Springs does not exist in the real-world state of Idaho, having been created solely for use on the show.
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