Holy Water is a weapon that hunters often use to fight demons. Despite making its first appearance in Season 1, it is not until [[Season 3 that holy water is used more frequently. It is common for hunters to carry a silver bottle of holy water with them most of the time.

Holy water cannot kill a demon, but it can hurt and burn it. This allows hunters to interrogate demons for information, or distract them long enough to kill or exorcise them properly.


Holy water is created by chanting a Latin chant over a source of water with a rosary in hand. Once the chant is complete, the rosary is dropped into the water, and it becomes holy water.

In the John Winchester's Journal is explained how make holy waters:

1.- Invocation

"EXORCiSO te creaturam salis, per Deum v vum + per Deum + verum + per Deum sanctum + per Deum qui te per Eizæum prophetam in aquam mitti jussit, ut sanaretur steritas aquæ, ut eff ciaris sal exorcisatus in salutem credent um; ut sis omnibus te sumentibus sanitas animæ & corporis, & effug at at que d scedat ab eo loco, qui aspersus fuerit omnis phantasia & nequit a, vel versut diabolicæ fraud s, omnisq; spiritus immundus, adjuratus per eum, qui venturus est jud care v vos & mortuos, & sæculum per ignem amen. Oremus

Immensam clement am tuam, omnipotens ceterne Deus humiliter imploramus, ut hanc creaturam salis, quam in usum generis humani tribuist bene + d cere & sancti + ficare tua pietate d gneris, ut sit omnibus sumentibus salus mentis & corporis, ut quicquid ex eo tactum fuerit, vel respersum careat omni immund a, omniq; impugnatione spiritualis nequitiæ, per Dominum nostrum Jesum Chr filium tuum, qui tecum v t & regnat in unitate spiritus sanct Deus per omnia sæcula sæculorum, Amen."

2.-Address the following to the water

"Exorciso te creaturam aqua in nomine + patris + & Jesu Chr sti f lii ejus Domini nostri, & in virtute spiritus + sancti + ut f as aqua exorcisata, ad effugandam omnem potestatem inimici, & ipsum inimicum erad care & explantare valeas, cum angelis suis apostatis, per v rtutem e usdem Domini nostr Jesu Christi qui venturus est jud care v vos & mortuos, & sæculum per ignem Amen. Oremus

Deus, qui ad salutem humani gener s maxima qua que sacramenta in aquarum substant a cond dist adesto propit us invocat onibus nostr & elemento huic multimodis purificationibus præparato, v rtutem tuæ bene + didionis infunde ut creatura tua mysteriis tuis serv ens, ad abigendos dæmones, morbosq; pe endos, d næ gratiæ sumat effectum, ut quicquid in domibus, vel in locis fidelium hæc unda resperserit, careat omni immundicia liberetur à noxa, non i lic resideat spiritus pest ens, non aura corrumpens scedant omnes insid æ latentis inimici

& si quid est, quod aut incolumitati habitant um invdet aut quiet , aspersione hujus aquæ effug at, ut salubritas per invocat onem sancti tui nominis expet ta ab omnibus sit impugnationibus defensa, per Dominum nostrum Jesum Christum filium tuum, qui tecum v t & regnat, in unitate spiritus sancti Deus per omnia sæcula sæculorum, Amen."

3.-Say the fo owing as you sprinkle salt into the water mov ng your hand in the shape of a cross. Have also heard that you can consecrate wth a rosary or cross, or other sacred object.

"Commixtio salis & aqua pariter f at, in nomine patris & filii, & spiritus sanct Amen. Dominus vob scum, Et cum spiritu tuo, Oremus: Deus inv ctæ v rtutis author, & insuperabilis imperii rex, ac semper magn cus trumphator qui adversæ dominationis v res reprimis, qui inimici rugient sævitam superas, qui hostiles nequit as potens expugnas te Domine trementes & supplices deprecamur ac petmus ut hane creaturam salis & aquæ aspicias benignus i ustres pietatis tuæ rore sancti fices, ubicunq; fuerit aspersa, per invocat onem sanct tui nominis, omnis infestatio immundi spiritus abjiciatur, terrórq; venenosi serpentis procul pe atur, & præsent a sancti spiritus nobis misericordiam tuam poscentibus ubiq; adesse d gnetur, per Dominum nostrum Jesum Chr stumf lium tuum, qui tecum vivit & regnat in unitate spiritus sancti Deus per omnia sæcula sæculorum, Amen."

Also, John says: "In a pinch, you can skip from the "exorciso te" r ght to the "per Dominum nostrum Jesum." I tried it. It works"

First Appearance

Holy water was first used in Phantom Traveler, with the first demon appearing on the show. A demon was making planes crash, so Sam and Dean hopped on a plane to exorcise it. Dean managed to sneak the holy water past security. They figured out that the co-pilot was possessed and trapped him in the back of the plane. There they used the holy water on him, which burned the demon and caused him pain.



Dean getting splashed with Holy Water

Hunters also use holy water on each other to check if the other is possessed. A great example of this is Bobby. In Devil's Trap, he first gives Dean holy water, before liquor. In Born Under A Bad Sign, he slips holy water into "Sam's" drink, which hurts "Sam". In Lazarus Rising, when Dean returns from Hell, Bobby splashes some holy water in his face for safe measures.

Other Uses

  • Sprinklers
  • Piping
  • Torture
  • Bobby's panic room walls (soaked with holy water and salt)


Of all the demons, Azazel and Lilith are the only ones immune to holy water.

While still susceptible to it, Alastair finds the whole ordeal funny, as such Holy water is practically useless against him, even injected into his veins. Crowley recovers from being dossed much faster than other demons, although he clearly still finds it agonising.


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