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When the oil burns, no angel can touch or pass through the flames, or he dies.

Holy Oil is a very rare substance that can be found in Jerusalem. A circle of burning holy oil is so far the only way to trap a celestial being. Utilized properly, it is also one of the few substances that can kill angels, with the exception of archangels. It also has a level of effectiveness against demons, killing lower demons and causing severe pain to higher demons. It can work as a cure for Rabids.[1][2] It is also part of the ritual to create new bullets for the Colt[3] and the ritual to seal a rift in space and time.[4]


The angel will not be able to leave the circle, or both it and its vessel will face certain death.[1] It should be noted that a circle of holy fire is not the equivalent of a devil's trap: while inside the circle, the angel can still use of some of their abilities and are able to move; they merely choose not to leave the circle out of fear of touching or passing through the holy fire. If they do, then not only will the human vessel be destroyed, the angel will be killed, or in the case of archangels, they will still likely experience great pain, therefore it still functions as a viable trap for them. Michael was resistant to the holy fire and could not be killed by it. It is capable of holding at least Gabriel and Raphael, though the latter somehow escapes without being released.[5] It was also recently shown to be capable of holding Lucifer for a short time.[6]If an angel is burned by holy fire merely to the brink of death and doesn't die right away, another angel can still heal them of their injuries.[7]


Castiel and Dean trap Raphael in a ring of holy fire.

Holy Fire can kill demons if they are in it long enough, otherwise, it will just cause them extreme pain, as demonstrated when Castiel threw Meg into Holy Fire and it caused her pain but failed to kill her.[8]

Sam later uses it to burn Abaddon when she attacks him and Crowley. She quickly abandons her vessel Josie Sands and flees the scene.[9]

A demon dissatisfied with Crowley's rule douses himself in Holy Oil and ignites it, killing himself.[10]

According to the Demon Tablet, hellhounds can be seen through an object scorched with Holy Fire. This is shown to be true when Dean scorches two pairs of glasses with Holy Fire and he and Sam are able to see and kill a hellhound.[11]

When he was searching for a cure for rabids, Sam found a reference in the Bible to holy oil being used for purifications. Having learned that he is "unclean in a biblical sense", Sam used a sponge doused in holy fire on himself and the rabid infection burned away. Mere proximity to holy fire was also proven to be enough to cure rabids, as a group was cured when Sam trapped them in a ring of holy fire.[2]

Crowley later states that even when combined with warding, holy fire can only contain an archangel for a few minutes.[6] However, as it was shown to easily hold both Raphael and Gabriel, this may be in relation to Lucifer who is more powerful than the other two.

In an attempt to free Castiel from Lucifer's possession and send him back to the Cage, the Winchesters, Crowley and Rowena summoned Lucifer into an angel trap surrounded by holy fire. Eventually, the warding and the holy fire failed and Lucifer was released.[6]

While battling the Prince of Hell Ramiel, Sam, Dean and Mary Winchester used a circle of holy fire to contain him. Ramiel simply commented that it was "toasty" and broke free easily minutes later using the Lance of Michael.[12]

After discovering that the British Men of Letters possess the Colt, Sam tells Mick Davies that he will need to create a tincture of holy oil, sage and myrrh as part of the ritual to create new bullets for the Colt.[3]

Holy oil was one of the ingredients used by Crowley and Sam in the ritual to seal a rift into an apocalyptic alternate reality.[4]

While facing a possessed giant stuffed dinosaur, Dean used holy fire to destroy it.[13]

When faced with the Apocalypse World Michael, Dean turned the container of holy oil from the Impala's trunk into a makeshift Molotov cocktail that created a line of holy fire that blocked Michael's way, allowing the Winchesters and Castiel to escape. Michael appeared to have to wait until the fire ignited a nearby gas pump to be able to escape.[14]

While showing Mary Winchester the bullet types he has created for Sam's new hunter network, a hunter reveals that he has created holy oil bullets, presumably for use against angels.[15]

While facing off against the alternate Michael in Dean's body, Sam hits him with a holy fire cocktail setting Michael on fire briefly. Michael quickly manages to extinguish the flames, but it allows Castiel to get him with the Supernatural Handcuffs.[16]

After convincing the Main Universe Michael to meet with him, Castiel traps the archangel in a ring of holy fire, shocking Michael. The Winchesters then enter with the handcuffs which they use to restrain Michael before he is removed from the holy fire and taken to the bunker.[17]

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