Astaroth receives a hex to cough up pins.

A hex is a spell in which a witch performs malevolent magic on a target. The word hex comes from the German word hexe or the Dutch word heks (pronounced like hex) meaning witch.



A burger hexed to contain maggots.

Hexes vary from each other, from the procedure, the requirements, and to the effect, although generally, they are similar in nature and purpose—to harm or even kill a target. Hexes are powerful forms of magic because they could conjure creatures or organs out of nowhere. They could also create diseases or outright kill their targets by creating wide slashing wounds.

Amanda Burns receives a fatal hex.


Hexes usually require a medium like hex bags or coins. Each hex and their corresponding hex bags required different ingredients. While some require incantations, others do not. 

Known HexesEdit

  • Janet Dutton was cursed so that her teeth would fall out and then she would die soon after.
  • Paul Dutton was hexed so that his burger would contain maggots and he would choke to death shortly afterwards.
  • Amanda Burns was killed by Astaroth with a fatal hex which sliced her wrists open.
  • Dean Winchester was hexed by Astaroth to bleed from inside.
  • Astaroth was hexed by Elizabeth Higgins to cough up pins.
  • Witches Don Harding and Tracy Davis hexed victims to raise Samhain.
  • Patrick hexed all his poker opponents to age rapidly if they lose.
  • Witch couple Maggie and Don Stark hexed several paramours of each other, as well as each other, and hunters like Sam and Dean.
  • Crowley hexed several people who were previously saved by Sam and Dean. This included Tommy Collins, Jenny Klein, Sarah Blake and Jody Mills.
  • Rowena hexed the demon Raul until he died in violent coughs. She later tried to kill Crowley with the same trick but, though the spell succeeded in causing him pain, Crowley was able to overcome it and burn the hex bag with his own powers.
  • Catriona Loughlin hexed Barry Gilman to have his stomach stuffed with money to kill him. Her brother Gideon performed a Hex on Dean Winchester to make his memory rapidly erase to kill him.
  • Jennie and Jamie Plum hexed Dean Winchester with a Love Spell in order to steal the Black Grimoire. Previously they hexed countless men, among them Dale and the hard store clerk, in order to achieve their goals.
  • Rowena MacLeod hexed her apartment to to protect it from unwanted visitors.
  • The Witch Mother hexed Sam Winchester, which allowed her overpower him and capture him.


As seen in Malleus Maleficarum, a way to interrupt a hex is burning the hex bag corresponding to it. Ruby knew of a beverage that can be drunk by the target to save them, in case the hex bag is not found.

If the hex is placed through a magical coin, a way to cancel it out is finding the coin and shooting it.


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