When Castiel first laid hands on you in Hell, he was lost!

Hester was an angel, a member once a part of Castiel's garrison. She and her colleague Inias were subordinate to Castiel, who was the garrison's captain before he rebelled against Heaven. After the civil war in Heaven, Hester took charge of the remaining angels. After trying to take Kevin Tran and kill Castiel, she was killed by the demon Meg.


Season 7

Hester took part of a mission to retrieve Kevin Tran, a newly designated Prophet charged with safe-guarding the Word of God as according to the Heavenly Code, they must take him to the desert. She and Inias track Kevin to the mental institution where Castiel is being kept. When Sam and Meg try to stop them from taking Kevin, Hester instructs Inias to kill both the "demon whore" and her "lover". Before any fight can take place, however, Castiel interrupts. Hester and Inias are both stunned to see Castiel, as they believed him to be dead. Unfortunately, Castiel's erratic behavior (caused by absorbing Sam's madness, as well as his own guilt) convinces Hester that Castiel is insane. Just then Dean shows up and activates an angel banishing sigil which banishes all the angels in the room.


Hester is stabbed from behind.

Later, after Meg kills two of Crowley's demonic minions, Hester and Inias are able to track the Winchesters and Kevin to Rufus Turner's cabin in the woods. Once there they confront the Winchesters and Castiel again. Dean and Castiel both attempt to dissuade Hester from taking Kevin, as they need his help to stop the Leviathans. Hester, however, refuses to listen and tries to kill Dean. Castiel interferes and she turns on her brother and beats him up. When she draws an angel blade to kill him, Inias steps in and pleads with her not to kill Castiel, as there are already few angels left. Hester shoves him away and prepares to kill Castiel since it's her choice but Meg suddenly appears and stabs her from behind with an angel blade, killing Hester and saving Castiel.

Powers and Abilities

Hester appears to be an average angel and has the abilities of such.

  • Angelic Possession - Like all angels, Hester needs a vessel to interact on Earth and needs her vessel's permission.
  • Immortality - As an angel, Hester was presumably thousands of years old when she died.
  • Super Strength - As an angel, Hester was stronger than humans, monsters and most demons. She was able to beat an unresisting Castiel to a pulp with little effort and knocked Inias back with a simple blow.
  • Super Senses - Hester was able to sense Kevin Tran and his location once the Word of God had been released and he was activated as a Prophet. She was later able to sense the Winchesters' location after Meg killed two demons.
  • Telekinesis - Hester has the ability to move objects with her mind. On one occasion she threw Meg into the wall with this power.




  • Hester holds a profound disdain for both demons and the Winchester brothers, whom she blames for "corrupting" Castiel and the subsequent damage they've caused.
  • Dialogue from the episode Reading Is Fundamental suggests that both Hester and Inias fought on Castiel's side during the Civil War in Heaven. Also, the fact that they survived Castiel's purge of Heaven following Raphael's defeat indicates they supported Castiel or at least stayed neutral.
  • Hester holds the uniqueness of being the first angel to be killed by a demon onscreen. 
  • Emily Holmes, who portrayed Hester, previously portrayed Mrs. Walsh in season 3 episode A Very Supernatural Christmas.


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