You're gonna fight God, that's the stuff of heroes, right? So you're going to need the luck of heroes, Hercules, Cú Chulainn, Gilgamesh, I've helped them all! I can help you too.

Hercules was a demigod hero from the Roman Pantheon.



Several millennia after God created the lesser deities, the roman godess of luck, Fortuna, who favored those she considered "true heroes" encountered Hercules and gave him luck in his adventures.

Season 8Edit

In 2013, when Kevin Tran was explaining to Sam and Dean how the Trials of God worked, Sam replied "like Law & Order'?" and Kevin answered that the trials were "more like Hercules".

Season 15Edit

In 2020, Fortuna mentioned Hercules, along with Cú Chulainn and Gilgamesh as examples of true heroes that she has given luck to, Dean later states that she didn't really give them the luck of Hercules.



  • Hercules was one of the heroes that Fortuna helped along the millennia, others are Cú Chulainn, Gilgamesh, and Sam and Dean Winchester.
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