Most sheeple can't handle the truth. But not me. I'm woke.

Herb Nelson is a conspiracy theorist and diner manager living in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.


As a conspiracy theorist, Herb believed in many seemingly ludicrous ideas such as the Men in Black, the Moon landing being a hoax and the Queen of England being an alien called a Reptilian. He also refused to use technology created after 1996, believing it to be a trap. To this end, he operated out of a bunker in the back of the diner he managed. When the Prince of Hell Dagon killed two angels, one of whom was using his waitress Sara Deshenski as a vessel, Herb noticed the demon's yellow eyes in his surveillance video and became convinced that it was an irate alien such as a Reptilian. Herb published an article in the Daily World News about Sara's murder by an irate alien, though the local cops didn't take him seriously, particularly as his camera was fried by Dagon killing the angels.

After reading Herb's story, Castiel, in the guise of an FBI agent, visited the diner to investigate the angel murders. After speaking with Herb, Castiel quickly came to the conclusion that Herb wasn't credible and prepared to leave, only for Herb to reveal he had video footage. Herb showed Castiel the video footage, surprising the Seraphim to see Kelly Kline who Herb thought was probably a Brood Queen since she was pregnant while Herb thought the angels' angel blades were made of "star metal." Though the video footage ended as Dagon kills the male angel, Herb drew Castiel's attention to the demon's yellow eyes. Though Herb was pleased Castiel also noticed this, thinking Castiel agreed with him that it was proof of a Reptilian, Castiel was disturbed as he realized it to be Dagon. As Herb continued rambling on, Castiel grabbed the camera and left.



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