It's not a what. Who. The Parker family. They were some of the first white settlers around here. They set a homestead up in these woods -- the cabin. (...) Things went bad. There was a hard winter. Their oldest son, Henry, survived... but he did things. (...) They say that boy not only ate his family, they said he... went mad with hunger. He went after my people and when my tribe caught him, they... Killing him would've been too easy. They wanted that boy to suffer. For his crimes against our people, crimes against nature. They cursed him. He's doomed to roam the woods... always starving. And if he didn't feed... his body would eat itself. The kohonta aren't born. They're made.
Mason Romero telling the Winchesters about Henry.
in Don't Go In The Woods

Henry Parker was an early colonial settler in Polk City, Iowa whose acts of cannibalism caused him to be cursed into a kohonta.


Henry Parker becoming a Kohonta

Henry Parker becoming a Kohonta.

Along with his family, Henry was one of the earliest white settlers in the Polk City, Iowa area. However, the area suffered a hard winter and in desperation, Henry turned to cannibalism to survive. Going mad with hunger, Henry ate not only his own family, but some of the local Native Americans as well. When Henry was finally captured by the local tribe, they decided that killing him was too kind. Instead, Henry was cursed by a shaman to become a kohonta, a creature of insatiable hunger, bound to the forest around his family's former homestead.

Over the following centuries, Henry fed upon travelers going through the forest, made easier when stories of the kohonta became mere legend with no one remembering the truth anymore. Between 1943 and early 2019 alone, Henry fed upon fifty-four people, usually not leaving bodies behind. In early 2019, Henry fed upon local teenager Barbara while her boyfriend Thomas and his father, Sheriff Mason Romero were nearby. A member of the local tribe, Mason had heard stories about Henry when he was a boy, but didn't believe them until he spotted Henry after Mason and Thomas found Barbara's body.

Barbara's death drew the attention of hunter Sam Winchester who found the other disappearances linked to Henry going back 1943. At the same time, Mason lied to everyone, particularly his son about what had killed Barbara to protect them and claimed that it was a rabid animal. While the Winchesters were in the area investigating, they learned of the legend of the kohonta while Henry claimed another victim in the form of a hiker going through the woods. In response, Mason shut down the forest, but was forced to admit the truth after encountering the Winchesters who revealed their jobs as hunters.

At the same time, Thomas, wanting revenge, entered the forest to confront the thing that had killed his girlfriend. At the old Parker cabin, Henry hid himself in a nearby tree and tackled Thomas through the door, knocking him out. Before Henry could begin to feed, Mason attacked, giving Dean time to pull Thomas to safety. However, Henry quickly overpowered Mason and flung him to the floor where he bit into the man's shoulder and began to feed on him. Before he could cause too much harm, Sam entered and shot Henry twice in the back, causing him to turn on Sam and attack.

As Henry struggled with Sam, Dean entered and sent Mason outside, causing Henry to drop Sam and turn on the other hunter. Dean noticed that Henry didn't like the light from his flashlight and lured him out through the open door. Once outside, Mason attacked from the side of the doorway and stabbed Sam's silver knife through Henry's heart. To the disgust of Dean and Mason, Henry melted into a puddle of green goo as he died.

In the aftermath, Mason discovered that Thomas was still alive and got him medical attention. Though Mason was unsure of what to tell his son, Sam suggested that he tell Thomas the truth about the kohonta instead of lying.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Kohonta are mildly powerful creatures.

  • Immortality - A kohonta has the capability to live for centuries. Henry was old enough to be one of the earliest settlers in the Polk City area.
  • Acidic Bile - Due to his insatiable hunger, a kohonta can spit up it's own acidic bile upon their victims.
  • Super Speed - Henry could move at an incredible speed.
  • Super Strength - A kohonta is very strong, easily able to throw grown men around.
  • Invulnerability - Kohonta are invulnerable to many forms of harm. Henry got shot multiple times and only suffered some pain from it.


  • Starvation - If a kohonta doesn't feed regularly, their body starts to consume itself.
  • Shaman Magic - He could be trapped by magic cast by Native American shamans.
  • Silver Blade Through the Heart - He was killed by stabbing a silver blade through his heart.



  • If Henry hadn't been cursed into becoming a kohonta, he likely would've become a wendigo due to the extent of his cannibalism.
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