Henry David Frost was the abusive father of Jeremy Frost.


Henry was the father of Jeremy Frost and was abusive towards his son. When Jeremy was young, Henry hit him in the head with a baseball bat. While Jeremy survived, the blow left him without the ability to dream. Henry eventually died before Jeremy was ten.

In 2007, as Jeremy was about to kill him in his brother's dream, Sam Winchester used the abilities granted to him by African Dream Root to conjure up a vision of Henry. Henry angrily called out to Jeremy, frightening his son and drawing his attention away from Sam. While Jeremy was distracted, Sam freed himself, grabbed Jeremy's baseball bat and smashed his head in, killing Jeremy.

Afterwards, when Sam told him of his conjuring a vision of Henry in the dream, Bobby Singer suggested that it might've been due to Sam's own psychic abilities that he could do it, not just the dream root.



  • While his name is not given in the episode, Henry's name can be seen on the picture of his driver's license Bobby Singer shows the Winchesters.
  • His driver's license shows his date of birth to December 16, 1966.
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