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Hello, Cruel World is the 2nd episode of Season 7. It aired on September 30th, 2011.


Dean Purgatory Blade.png.png There was something about being there... It felt pure.

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Castiel (guest star Misha Collins) continues to struggle with the burdens that come with his new-fangled power. The broken wall in Sam's head causes him to have hallucinations, and he has difficulty discerning what's real and what's not. Bobby (guest star Jim Beaver) worries that Dean is beginning to stumble under the weight of fighting Castiel and keeping an eye on Sam.


Dean looks in horror at the Leviathan-possessed Castiel, who is grinning madly, and Bobby is waking up from where he was tossed. As the Leviathan walks towards Dean, Dean notices that Castiel's vessel can't handle it and is going to explode as it leaks black liquid and Castiel's eyes turn black. The Leviathan, knowing this to be true, tells Dean that they will be back for him, and leave.

Down the hallway, Sam is being choked by Lucifer. Lucifer claims that the last whole year has been all in Sam's mind as a new way to torture him. He insists that Sam is still in the cage with him in Hell. Dean and Bobby find Sam and snap him out of it; he is confused, but leaves with them.

Dean picks up Castiel's trench coat

The Leviathans walk Castiel's vessel towards the water reserve, and into the water. The body is now slink with black liquid. Following behind, Sam, Dean and Bobby watch this, and see Castiel disappear under the water. As soon as Castiel disappears, the black smoke-like liquid explode out and spread throughout the water. Dean soon finds Castiel's trench coat washed up on shore, and realizes his friend is dead. Sam and Bobby also feel Castiel's loss. 

Elsewhere, the black liquid spreads through the water supply. A young girl drinking from a water fountain is soon possessed by a Leviathan after the water turns black. In another area, a mechanic is fixing a car, and goes over to his sink when his tap explodes black liquid on him, and becomes possessed by a Leviathan.

Back at Bobby's, Sam is resting, and hears Lucifer trying to wake him and Dean calling him Sammy, then Dean reaches out to wake him. Sam jerks awake, and Dean comments on how sleeping 12 hours is well rested, and hands Sam a water bottle and protein bar. Dean checks Sam's injured hand and deems it OK. As Dean is checking Sam's hand, Lucifer mocks him. Bobby walks in soon, and helps treat Sam's hand, and mentions there is no signs of Leviathans yet, but they will reveal themselves soon. Dean angrily asks why Sam was lying to him about being okay. Sam admits he's not okay, and that he's seeing between the cracks. Dean is confused by this, and Sam tells Dean he's having a hard time figuring out what's real and what's not. Sam insists that he didn't tell Dean because they had enough going on at the moment, and he was going to try and ride it out.

Sam is tormented by hallucinations of Lucifer.

Then he tells Dean he's seeing Lucifer, and Dean is shocked by this. Dean tells Sam that he should know that Lucifer isn't real. Sam says that Lucifer is saying the same thing about Dean. Dean asks Sam why would Lucifer would make this post-apocalypse world. Sam and Lucifer simultaneously say you can't take something away from someone who has nothing left to lose. Lucifer keeps speaking to Sam, and Sam looks over to Lucifer, and Dean realizes that Sam is seeing Lucifer at that moment.

Elsewhere, the little girl possessed by the Leviathan is flipping through channels in her bedroom. The channel goes to Dr. Sexy M.D. and a character yells at the doctor for cutting into anyone he wants. The little girl smiles evilly. 

Back in Bobby's house, Dean and Bobby watch Sam field strip his gun. Worried his brother could take off anytime, Dean goes into Sam's jacket and grabs Sam's cell to turn on the GPS. The two wonder if there is anything they can do for Sam. Bobby asks Dean hows he doing, and Dean replies he fine. Bobby points out that when Sam was saying he was fine, Dean was pissed. Not believing Dean's answer, Bobby concludes by saying whenever Dean wants to talk, he knows where to find Bobby.

In a high school, members of the swim team walk into the locker room, and find other members of the team waiting inside for them. The boys who waited inside had their eyes turn black while saying that something happened in the showers before attacking and killing the boys.

In Sioux Falls General Hospital, an older woman complains to Jody Mills, who recently had an appendectomy, about how doctors tend lose their tools inside their patients. Dr. Gaines walks in and assures Jody that she will be fine.

Sam and Bobby talk

Bobby finds a report of a swim team members attacking other members, and figures it to be the Leviathans. Sam says that it needs to be checked out, but Dean has to go by himself due to Sam's mental state. Dean isn't sure it's safe to leave Sam with Bobby, but Bobby assures Dean that he can keep an eye on Sam.

In a park, Edgar meets up with the little girl, and both make comments about each other's bodies. Edgar tells her that she needs to get the others in line due to the swim team incident. In addition to that, the boss wants it cleaned up and doesn't like bad news. The girl mentions she has an idea, and tells Edgar she may need his help.

Dr. Gaines is making his rounds, when he checks a supposedly empty room and finds a little girl inside. He asks if she needs help. The girl replies by asking if he is Dr. Sexy and if he can cut into any body he wants. Dr. Gaines is confused by this, and she grabs his arm, and says that she wants to be a doctor when she grows up, and she wants to grow up now. The girl kills him and takes on his form.

Jody wakes up and see Dr. Gaines gassing her roommate. Once she is knocked out, Dr. Gaines begins moving her, and Jody pretends to be asleep as he passes by. Out of her room, Jody get outs of bed, and grabs her IV to follow.

At Bobby's, Sam gets a call from Dean, and Dean tells Sam that the two swim kids are missing, and black liquid is all over the locker room. Dean is about to return and he asks Sam how he's doing. Sam looks over and sees Lucifer, and lies saying he's fine.

Jody follows Dr. Gaines

Back at the hospital, Jody is following Dr. Gaines to the transplant unit, which is closed. At the door, she watches as Dr. Gaines rips pieces out of the woman. Unable to watch, Jody runs, and soon encounters a nurse and passes out. Jody soon wakes up, and finds herself back in her bed. Dr. Gaines walks in and asks what she was doing wandering the halls. Jody lies, and Dr. Gaines responds that he'll come back soon to fix the sutures she ripped out wandering the halls. As the doctor leaves, the nurse gives her a sedative. Once alone, Jody rushes to get her phone.

Sam approaches Lucifer, and asks why he doesn't just end it. Lucifer responds by saying he has Sam right where he wants him, and will only end when Sam can't take it anymore. Bobby walks in near the end, and offers Sam a beer. Bobby assures Sam that he will beat the Devil since he did it before, and will get a handle on the situation. While Bobby is talking, Lucifer walks behind him and stabs Bobby through the chest with a fire poker. Believing it to be not real, Sam agrees with Bobby without giving him sign that he was hallucinating. Then Bobby gets a call from Jody Mills. She tells Bobby that her doctor is a monster, and knowing Bobby hunts monsters, tells him to come and get her from the hospital. As Bobby leaves, he tells Sam to stay in the house.

The tied up swim victims

At the hospital, Edgar and the two swim boys arrive and Dr. Gaines lets them in. The doctor tells them about the hospital, and that it is the perfect feeding ground since no one will question the deaths. In the back, the head nurse and staff administer are tied up. Edgar, pleased, says that the boss will be pleased, and tells the two swim boys to eat and change into the two humans tied up. As the other two eat, Dr. Gaines asks if Edgar is going to stay, but Edgar declines, saying he has other business elsewhere.

At Bobby's, Sam is field stripping his gun again, and "Dean" pulls up. "Dean" tells Sam that he followed the two swim members to Sioux Falls, and needs Sam's help. Believing Dean needs his help, Sam grabs his things and follows.

At the hospital, Bobby is wheeling Jody out to the taxi, and she thanks him for helping her. With Jody on the way home, Bobby goes to the morgue to check out the body. But he finds it already autopsied.

As they drive along, "Dean" asks how Sam is doing, and Sam replies fine. "Dean" says that Sam will never be fine and should get some help. He continues to berate Sam and tries to convince him to see a doctor. Sam turns this down and says there is no point since no doctors can treat him anyways. Elsewhere, the real Dean arrives at Bobby's to find Sam gone.

Lucifer tries to persuade Sam to kill himself

Sam and "Dean" pull up to an office building, and walk inside, but it's not an office building. It's a warehouse. Inside "Dean" tells Sam that he is not going to be able to control this. Sam is confused by this, and "Dean" points out that he isn't Dean and changes into Lucifer. Frustrated, Sam pulls his gun and fires at Lucifer, but to no avail. Lucifer tells Sam that the only way to end it is to kill himself.

While Bobby is examining the body, Dr. Gaines walks in. Bobby attempts to lie, but Gaines cuts Bobby off since he knows who Bobby is, since he saw Bobby through Castiel's eyes. Bobby hits the doctor and grabs his gun and fires. But this has no effect. Dr. Gaines appears unaffected and reveals his true form, which has a huge mouth, sharp teeth, and a forked tongue.  Realizing he can't fight this new creature, Bobby runs away.

The real Dean arrives at Sam's location, and heads inside. "Dean" comments to Sam how there is another him now. Sam points a gun at Dean, who rises his hand in defense. Sam says that he thought he was with Dean, and looks over to see Lucifer. He also adds that he doesn't know how he got here. Lucifer mocks Sam by saying that he drove and comments on how Sam's cracking. Angry, Sam fires on Lucifer. Fearful of his brother, Dean tells Sam to put the gun down.

Dean reminds Sam that he also has been to Hell and points out that Hell has a different feel to it.

Dean convinces Sam that Lucifer isn't real

Sam doesn't know how, so Dean asks Sam for his wounded hand. Dean points out that he was there when he bandaged Sam's hand. Sam appears unsure, so Dean grabs it and puts pressure on it, causing Sam pain. Dean tells Sam that pain is different here than in Hell. Sam notices the pain made Lucifer flicker, and Lucifer comments it doesn't mean anything.

Realizing what Dean says is true, Sam feels the pain from his hand, and Dean states that they got Sam out of hell, and asks Sam to believe in him. Using the pain, Sam gets rid of Lucifer. He then receives a call from Bobby, who tells them about his encounter with the Leviathan and that silver buckshot didn't work. He tells Sam to meet back at his house to re-group. Sam tells Dean this and they head out.

On the way back, Dean asks if Sam's alright, and Sam tells Deans he's alright. As the Impala nears the house, they find that Bobby's house had been set on fire, and nothing remained. They search for any sign of Bobby, but find nothing. Dean calls Bobby, but only gets Bobby's voicemail. Dean leaves Bobby a message saying he isn't fine, and says, "If you're gone, I swear I am going to strap my Beautiful Mind brother into the car and I'm going to drive us off the pier."

Dean begs an unconscious Sam for help

Then Edgar shows up, and tells them that they are worthy of being eliminated. He moves towards Sam, and is shot by Dean, but is unaffected. Edgar flings Dean at a car, and breaks Dean's leg. Noticing the car above, Sam signals Dean, and as Sam turns around he is hit with a pipe by Edgar, knocking Sam out cold. Dean manages to let the car go and crushes Edgar. Dean crawls over to Sam, and is unable to wake Sam. With no other option, Dean calls 911 for help.

On route, they check on Sam, and Dean asks them what hospital they're going to, and finds out they're going Sioux Falls General. Dean begs to go elsewhere, but his pleas are unheard. Sam manages to gain consciousness, and sees Lucifer in the back of the ambulance. Lucifer admits he might not be real, but he isn't going anywhere. Sam begins to go into seizures.

Back at Bobby's yard, under the car where Edgar was crushed, black liquid begins to flow back into Edgar and Edgar starts moving his fingers.


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  • The beginning of the episode picks up right where the premiere left off, with Castiel possessed by the Leviathans and starting to lose control.
  • Sam is still hallucinating Lucifer, who first appeared in the previous episode. Now the hallucinations continue and escalate quickly.
  • Sam's hallucination of Dean uses a hunting friend of theirs named Martin Creaser as an example of someone going insane. Martin appeared in "Sam, Interrupted" in a mental institution.
  • Towards the end of the episode, Dean taps into his knowledge of the difference between pain in reality and pain in Hell to teach Sam how to regain his grip on reality. Sam uses these to control his hallucinations for most of the season, though ironically it is Dean being in danger that leads to Sam's hallucinations becoming too overpowering to control in "Repo Man".
  • Bobby's home being burnt down by the Leviathans mirrors the destruction of Harvelle's Roadhouse at the hands of demons in "All Hell Breaks Loose - Part 1".


  • Antagonists: Dick Roman (Possessing Castiel), Edgar (Possessing Castiel), Lucifer (as a hallucination) and the Leviathans.
  • Misha Collins is billed as a "Special Guest Star" like in the previous episode.
  • This is Castiel's last appearance until "The Born-Again Identity".
    • Originally, Castiel was to be killed off in this episode, but many fans reacted negatively, so the writers brought him back.
    • This marks the second and final time the writers attempted to kill Castiel off. This previously occurred in the Season 4 episode "On The Head Of A Pin".
  • The episode's official description is fairly inaccurate, as the plot with Castiel and his new powers was already brought to a close in the previous episode. The description was most likely written this way so as not to spoil the appearance of the Leviathans.
  • The scene where Dean calls Bobby's cell and leaves a message near the end echoes the one in "Home" where Dean called his father, asking for help.
  • Dean refers to Sam's hallucinations as Sam "tripping Hells Bells". This works as a double-reference: Hells Bells is a song by AC/DC as well as a nickname for datura stramonium, a hallucinogenic plant that can cause death in overdoses. Later in the season, Sam's hallucinations almost kill him when he loses control over them.
  • When Lucifer takes Sam to the office building that is really a warehouse, the name on the door says Morningstar, a reference to one of Lucifer's many names.
  • Dean: Why did the Devil holodeck you a whole new life...?
    Referencing the holodeck from Star Trek The Next Generation, and other Star Trek shows that followed. The holodeck is a computer-generated virtual world that is nearly indistinguishable from reality.
  • Dean: Turning on his GPS in case he decides to fly the cuckoo's nest.
    Referencing a novel by Ken Kesey called, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (1962) it was later made into a movie in 1975. The novel features a sane criminal who is sentenced to a mental institution and feigns insanity to avoid being sentenced to hard labor at a regular prison.
  • Dean: If you're gone, I swear I am going to strap my Beautiful Mind brother into the car...
    Referencing the movie A Beautiful Mind (2001), about real-life mathematician and cryptographer John Forbes Nash Jr., based on the novel of the same name. Forbes struggled with paranoid schizophrenia.
  • Castiel's possession seems to be loosely based on the biblical tale about a man who is possessed by many demons saying, "Our name is Legion, for we are many".
  • During the episode, the brothers speculate that there is a similarity between Eve and the Leviathans. In There Will Be Blood, Edgar and the Alpha Vampire reveals that Eve is, in fact, related to the Leviathans.
  • Lucifer's line "I really think Prince William has found the right girl" is a reference to the British royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton, which happened in April of 2011, five months before the episode be aired.


  • Dean changes the hand he's holding Castiel's trench coat with between shots.

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  • "Black Water" by The Doobie Brothers

International Titles[]

  • French: Marée Noire (Black Tide)
  • German: Böse neue Welt (Evil New World)
  • Hungarian: Kegyetlen világ (Cruel World)

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