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Sam and Dean returned from Hell

Well, I think we're done. It's exactly the spell Rowena used. Just... without Rowena.
Castiel as he and the Winchesters prepare to use the spell
in Our Father, Who Aren't in Heaven

The Hell Transportation Spell is a spell that can transport the users into Hell.


At an unknown point in the past, witch Rowena MacLeod apparently used this spell to visit Hell and recorded it in one of her journals.

In 2019, Sam Winchester, having inherited Rowena's magical stash, including her journals, utilized this spell to transport himself, Dean and Castiel into Hell in search of the archangel Michael. While they were gone, Eileen Leahy remained behind to continue feeding the spell bowl. After discovering with the help of Rowena herself, now the Queen of Hell, that Michael was no longer in Hell, the three returned to Earth.

In 2020, after the angel Anael told the Winchesters that Ruby hid the Occultum in Hell, they used the spell to once again return to Hell in search of it while Castiel fed the spell bowl. Before leaving, Dean reminds Castiel to "keep that spell alive" so that they could return. Concerned about the holes in Anael's story, Castiel decided to journey into the Empty to ask Ruby herself and left Jack to tend the spell, warning him to keep feeding the spell bowl lest the Winchesters be trapped in Hell forever. After learning from Gregor that Anael had lied and sent them into a trap, the Winchesters returned to Earth.


Most of the ingredients are unknown, but appear to include a blood of unknown origin. One of the users must also add their own blood to the spell. Those who intend to be transported to Hell stand around the spell bowl and one recites a Latin incantation:

Initium ad inferna permittatur!
Loose translation:
May (we) be granted entrance to hell!

Once the incantation is finished, someone must ignite the ingredients, causing a flash of light that transports the people into Hell. On Earth, a fire burns in the spell bowl and when it gets low, must be fed. If the fire goes out, the spell will break and the people using it will be trapped in Hell.

The method of initiating the return journey is unknown, but those transported reappear in a burst of purple flame similar to the flame burning in the spell bowl. Upon their return, the fire in the bowl is immediately extinguished.

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  • In a deleted scene for Our Father, Who Aren't in Heaven, it's revealed that the blood used in the spell is rugaru blood. It's suggested that Eileen Leahy got it for Sam from under his bed.
  • In Destiny's Child, when ordering Jack Kline to keep feeding the spell bowl, Castiel states that its the only way to keep the rift open. However, there is no sign of any sort of rift or portal and the Winchesters reappear in a burst of flame. Castiel may have been speaking metaphorically.