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What the hell is happening?!
Souls. They're souls from -- from Hell.
Dean Winchester and Castiel as the Hell Ghosts begin to rise
in Moriah

The Hell Ghosts are the ghosts released by God from Hell when he began the end of the world.


Season 14[]

In Moriah, enraged by the Winchesters' defiance of him, God kills Jack Kline and unleashes the souls of Hell upon the Earth. As the souls being rising from the Rupture to Hell, many tunnel underground into the corpses in the Harlan, Kansas cemetery containing the rupture and rise as zombies to attack the Winchesters and Castiel. Others, such as Mary Worthington, Constance Welch and John Wayne Gacy begin a reign of terror upon innocent people.

Season 15[]

In Back and to the Future, the Winchesters and Castiel are swarmed by the zombies and are eventually forced to retreat into a crypt for safety. Trapped, the group realizes that the zombies are just ghost-possessed corpses and attempt without success to come up with a way to escape them. The demon Belphegor, having escaped from Hell through the rupture as well, possesses Jack's corpse to offer his help in dealing with the situation. With little choice, the Winchesters and Castiel agree and Belphegor performs a spell that expels the ghosts from the corpses that they are possessing.

Departing the cemetery, the group brainstorms ideas for dealing with the ghosts and Belphegor suggests a spell that will create a mile-wide barrier that will trap all of the ghosts within it. However, they know that the town of Harlan, Kansas is within that radius and decide to evacuate the town before encountering the aftermath of an attack by Constance Welch's ghost. Upon reaching Harlan, Sam and Castiel begin working to evacuate the town to a nearby high school while Dean and Belphegor begin preparing for the demon's spell. Despite the group's efforts, several innocent people are killed by the ghosts, but they succeed in evacuating most of the town's residents. Using his spell, Belphegor is able to raise a magical barrier around the town and the cemetery, trapping the ghosts inside until a more permanent solution is found for the situation.

In Raising Hell, joined by several other hunters, the Winchesters and Castiel work to keep the ghosts contained and the townspeople, who are growing restless, safe. Under the leadership of Francis Tumblety, better known as the infamous serial killer Jack the Ripper, the ghosts begin organizing to break through the barrier and escape, possessing two townspeople as hostages in an effort to force the Winchesters to let them go before Arthur Ketch intervenes. The hunters' efforts are also aided by the ghost of Prophet Kevin Tran whose soul had been condemned to Hell by God himself instead of being sent to Heaven as God had previously claimed, thus giving Kevin a measure of influence with the other Hell ghosts.

At the Winchesters' request, witch Rowena MacLeod builds a Soul Catcher to contain the escaped souls. However, Francis catches on and lures the group into a trap using Kevin before being forced to flee when Rowena activates the Soul Catcher. Francis has the ghosts launch an attack on the barrier's weak spot in an effort to break through, but several of the attacking ghosts are contained by Rowena. Francis reveals himself to be possessing Arthur and attempts to use the power of the ghosts contained in the Soul Catcher to break down the barrier. In order to stop him, Dean shoots Arthur with iron bullets, ejecting Francis from his body. Having retrieved the Soul Catcher, Rowena is able to use it to capture Francis and all of the other escaped ghosts.

In the aftermath, Kevin requests that he be released from the barrier in order to wander the Earth as an untethered ghost, having learned from Belphegor that due to his soul having being condemned to Hell, he can never make it into Heaven. Kevin's request is granted, but after he leaves, many more souls emerge from the rupture, far more than the Soul Catcher can hope to contain and with the barrier weakening and Belphegor unable to strengthen it.

In The Rupture, the escaped ghosts constantly assault the barrier in an effort to bring it down. Returning to the crypt, Rowena uses the Rafforza l'incantesimo spell from the Book of the Damned in an effort to strengthen the barrier. However, Rowena discovers that the barrier is now too weak for the spell to work and the ghosts too strong. As a result, it will inevitably fail and nothing that they can do can stop it.

After examining the rupture itself with Castiel, Belphegor determines that it is not a gateway into Hell but instead a wound or a tear and he comes up with the plan to retrieve Lilith's Crook from Lilith's Chamber in Hell and use it to call all of the demons and ghosts back into Hell where they belong. Rowena suggests using the Sanetur Acre Vulnus healing spell that she created to then seal up the rupture, although she requires Sam and Dean's help to perform it and Belphegor requests Castiel's help when he travels into Hell in order to get the crook. In Hell, after Castiel kills the demon Malfayan, the two retrieve the crook, but are attacked by Ardat. Before Belphegor kills her, Ardat reveals to Castiel that Belphegor's true intentions are to become the new King of Hell. Confronted by Castiel, the demon admits that Ardat is telling the truth, intending to actually use the crook to absorb all of the ghosts and demons into himself in order to become unstoppable. Belphegor begins using the crook to draw the souls back into Hell while the Winchesters and Rowena perform the Sanetur Acre Vulnus spell, causing the rupture to begin closing. However, Castiel interrupts and smites Belphegor in order to stop his plans, destroying the crook in the process and stopping the flow of souls returning to Hell before the job is finished.

With the rupture closing and too many souls still on the loose, Rowena reveals that she can use the Death Is an Infinite Vessel spell from the Book of the Damned to contain them all within her own body instead. However, the spell requires the sacrifice of her own life and Rowena compels a reluctant Sam to mortally wound her. Drawing all of the ghosts and demons into her own body, Rowena jumps into the rupture which closes behind her, sending Rowena and all of the escaped souls back to Hell where Rowena's body will eventually break down and release the souls right back where they belong.

In Golden Time, it's revealed that Eileen Leahy, having been dragged to Hell by the hellhound that killed her, was one of the ghosts to escape from Hell when the rupture opened. Unlike the other Hell ghosts, Eileen ran as far away as possible before the barrier went up and so wasn't trapped with the other Hell ghosts. Initially planning on creating another Soul Catcher to contain Eileen's ghost since she can't get into Heaven due to her soul having previously been condemned to Hell, Sam instead finds a resurrection spell that Rowena created which Sam is ultimately able to use to restore Eileen to life.


Hell Ghosts possess many of the characteristics of regular ghosts, but due to their sheer number, their rise through the Rupture to Hell and the impossibility of locating all of their remains, they cannot be dispatched in a normal manner. While they have many normal ghost powers, they have also shown the unusual and previously unseen ability to possess corpses and in effect reanimate them as a form of zombies. However, these are not true zombies and simply striking them with iron, stabbing them with an angel blade or smiting them ejects the ghost from the corpse.

Their primary weakness is magic which has been able to contain them in various ways. However, working together they are able to overpower and break the barrier created by the Soul Containment Barrier Spell over time. They are also vulnerable to Lilith's Crook due to their origin as souls coming from Hell.

Powers and Abilities[]

Hell Ghosts are an extremely powerful type of ghost.


They possess the regular weaknesses of ghosts, though due to the method of their walking the Earth, they cannot be permanently dispatched in the same way.

Known Hell Ghosts[]