Hell's Torturers is a position in Hell designated to a demon specialized in torture. When John Winchester made a deal for Dean's life and died, he went to Hell and there was tortured by Alastair, the Grand Torturer at the time. He offered to reduce John's suffering if he tortured others damned souls, this didn't work for a century. When the same was done to John's son Dean, he couldn't take the suffering and accepted, opening the first seal.

Power and Abilities

As the best known Torturer was Alastair, his abilities are unique to his position.


Alastair's temporary vessel.

  • Resistance to Torture - Being a specialist of torture, Alastair was capable of taking great amounts of pain while being interrogated by angels, Dean and Sam.
  • Immunity - Alastair could not be killed by smiting from a regular-level angel. He was immune to iron and able to walk on holy groundSam's demonic powers initially did not work on him, although Ruby later explained that this was because Sam had stopped drinking Demon Blood; once Sam began drinking blood again, Alastair's powers stopped working on him and Alastair began taking precautions to ensure that Sam would not use his powers on him. Alastair was also extremely resistant to Ruby's knife as it only caused him mild pain rather than the agony most demons feel, and it was not deadly to him when stabbed in the stomach and upper chest.
  • Invulnerability - Alastair withstood would-be fatal injuries such as numerous stabbings and prolonged torture with little reaction.
  • Regeneration - Alastair was able to regenerate the wound after Sam stabbed him with the demon-killing knife.
  • Telekinesis - Alastair had the ability to move objects with his mind. He used hand gestures to drag and throw people over large distances without physically touching them. During his first appearance, he also blasted apart a door without noticeable use of gestures.
  • Torturing - Alastair was an expert in how to torture humans and demons alike. His skills at torture was such that even other demons feared him, nicknaming him "Picasso with a razor" and "The grand inquisitor". Because of his prowess, Alastair was often issued special assignments in torture, including breaking John and Dean's souls in Hell and interrogating Anna.
  • Teleportation - Alastair could teleport from one place to another, including travel between Hell and Earth. He appeared directly behind Ruby in "Heaven and Hell", despite not having been there even seconds before. He did the same to Dean in Death Takes A Holiday and On The Head Of A Pin; in the latter episode, he even slipped out of a number of chains binding him without making them make noise from his escape.
  • Immortality - Alastair could potentially live forever. Although his exact age was not revealed, he considered Ruby, who was over seven hundred years old, to be a young demon.
  • Knowledge of Magic - Alastair knew an exorcism which expelled angels from their vessels; he tried to use this exorcism on Castiel in "Heaven and Hell" and again in "On the Head of a Pin", but was interrupted both times. He also knew Enochian Sigils which warded buildings against angels, and a spell which incapacitated reapers. Additionally, he had knowledge of the 66 Seals and how to break them.
  • Biokinesis - Alastair directed a psychic attack on Sam and Dean simultaneously in "Heaven and Hell" by raising his hand at them; causing them to grip their chests and fall down.
  • Demonic Possession - Alastair used a pediatrician as his vessel in "I Know What You Did Last Summer" and "Heaven and Hell". When Anna regained her grace, the light she emitted destroyed the pediatrician, forcing the demon to claim a new vessel when he returned to Earth in "Death Takes A Holiday". He soon fled this vessel and possessed a third man, whom he continued to possess until they were both killed in "On The Head Of A Pin".
  • Flight - In his disembodied smoke form, Alastair could fly.
  • Astral Perception - Alastair could perceive beings that are invisible to humans such as ghosts, demons and reapers.
  • Super Stamina - Alastair had an incredibly high pain threshold, withstanding hours of extreme torture from Castiel, Uriel, and later Dean (his own pupil in torturing) without giving up any information. When he got free, he showed no signs of weakness or exhaustion despite multiple injuries to his vessel.
  • Super Strength - Alastair was an incredibly strong demon, able to overpower both common angels and demons with relative ease. In their first encounter in a church, Alastair stopped Dean's attack with the demon-killing knife with one hand. Even when Dean attempted to use two hands to move the knife he was unsuccessful against Alastair who continued to use just one hand. Alastair lifted and strangled Dean with one hand without any signs of strain. During their first fight, Alastair easily overpowered Castiel. He later lifted Castiel and placed him on a hook while they were both in vessels despite being weakened by hours of torture. Even without a vessel, he was strong enough to overpower and capture a reaper.

Known Hell's Torturers


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