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You betrayed me? No one in the history of torture, has been tortured with torture like the torture you'll be tortured with.
Crowley threatening his advisors
in King of the Damned.

Hell's Torturers is a position in Hell designated to a demon specialized in torture. When John Winchester made a deal for Dean's life and died, he went to Hell and there was tortured by Alastair, the Grand Torturer at the time. He offered to reduce John's suffering if he tortured others damned souls, this didn't work for a century. When the same was done to John's son Dean, he couldn't take the suffering and accepted, opening the first seal.



Common Abilities[]

Alastair's temporary vessel.

  • Torturing - Alastair was an expert in how to torture humans and demons alike. His skills at torture was such that even other demons feared him, nicknaming him "Picasso with a razor" and "The grand inquisitor". Because of his prowess, Alastair was often issued special assignments in torture, including breaking John and Dean's souls in Hell and interrogating Anna.
  • Resistance to Torture - Being a specialist of torture, Alastair was capable of taking great amounts of pain while being interrogated by angels, Dean and Sam.

Known Hell's Torturers[]



  • Alastair is described as "Hell's Master Torturer" in the book The Essential Supernatural.

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