Hell's Angel is the 18th episode of Season 11. It aired on April 6th, 2016.


Dean Purgatory Blade.png There was something about being there... It felt pure.

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Lucifer takes a trip home and tries to assert himself into Heaven. Crowley tells Sam and Dean he has a way to take down Amara (guest star Emily Swallow).


In the An-Nafud Desert of Saudi Arabia, Crowley meets a dying man, Noel, who had previously sold his soul to him. The man offers him the Horn of Joshua, a "Hand of God," in exchange for tearing up his contract. Crowley agrees and the man feels a sense of relief as Crowley destroys his contract, before Crowley snaps his neck with telekinesis. Horn of Joshua in hand, Crowley is confronted by Noel's guards, and with a simple gesture causes the four men to shoot each other. Back in America, Crowley contacts Dean to tell him he has a Hand of God, a weapon powerful enough to defeat Lucifer. As he's walking down the street while on the phone, demons are hunting him in an SUV. He gives Dean an address to meet at and hangs up.

Meanwhile, Rowena is back from the dead and attending to Amara, healing her. As they are talking, Amara realizes that Rowena is Crowley's mother and becomes concerned, questioning why Rowena is helping her. Rowena says that Amara will win, and that she wants to be there when she does, to exact her own revenge on Lucifer for killing her. She explains that she is only alive thanks to a spell that she had embedded in her body that was activated upon sensing her life force draining.

Sam and Dean meet up with Crowley in an abandoned factory/warehouse in St. Louis to discuss what to do next. Crowley informs them that he will give them the Horn after they exorcise Lucifer out of Castiel's vessel and send him back to the Cage. Sam and Dean balk as they feel only Lucifer is powerful enough to handle a Hand of God and defeat Amara. They also explain that they need Rowena and the Book of the Damned to deal with Lucifer, at which Crowley informs them that Rowena is dead. Dean then says that he wants Lucifer out of Castiel and in another body before going up against Amara, causing Sam to question Dean, saying that they need a vessel as strong as Castiel's to go up against Amara and that it was Castiel's wish to do so. In the end, Crowley stands firm on his requirements before he will hand over the Horn of Joshua.

As she starts to feel better, Amara decides to run a "little test." She leans her head back, flings her arms out at her sides and yells "Hear Me!" sending a concussive force of darkness to Heaven where Lucifer is coercing the angels to join him. Black smoke pours down the hallways like a tornado, knocking the angels to the floor. On Earth, as the ground rumbles, the sky darkens, and lightning crackles, Dean looks to the sky and says, "I think that's her." Rowena watches Amara fearfully, wondering if she made a wise choice in siding with her. After Amara's display of power, Rowena eavesdrops on Sam, Dean, and Crowley via a spell. They are talking about how to take out Lucifer and Amara. When Amara asks what the Winchesters are up to Rowena replies, "nothing, they're paralyzed with fear."

Dean, Sam, and Crowley are still arguing over when to trap Lucifer when Sam sees a message burned into a rusted cabinet that reads "BACK FROM THE DEAD, FERGUS!" Soon they are in an abandoned church with Rowena, preparing to summon Lucifer and expel him out of Castiel. They set up angel suppressing sigils inside an angel trap with a ring of holy oil around it and Dean recites a spell, summoning Lucifer. When Lucifer appears in the center of the sigil, Sam lights the holy oil, creating a ring of holy fire around Lucifer and trapping him. Dean slices his hand and activates the sigil drawn on the table, causing Lucifer to temporarily lose control of the vessel. Castiel converses briefly with Dean, but he fades away again before Dean can convince him to expel Lucifer.

As the warding starts to fail, Crowley smokes out of his body and into Lucifer/Castiel. Once inside, he finds Castiel contentedly watching TV in a simulacrum of the kitchen in the Bunker. Crowley tries to convince Castiel to push Lucifer out, but Castiel is fairly ambivalent, believing Lucifer is their best bet in the fight against Amara. Lucifer then enters the room and starts throwing Crowley around. Out in the church, the words "HELP ME" appear burned into Crowley's forehead. Sam and Dean perform an exorcism, pulling Crowley back out. The holy fire goes out, prompting Crowley to disappear and allowing Lucifer to take the Horn. As he starts to hurt Sam and Dean, Amara explodes through the church doors from tracking Rowena and confronts Lucifer. The Horn of Joshua starts to glow in Lucifer's hand as he begins to absorb its power. He raises the other hand to Amara, a stream of energy flowing from him to her, engulfing Amara in a white light. When the Horn's power is depleted, Amara is still standing. She pulls Lucifer towards her and places his face in her hands. As Dean calls out one last time to Castiel, Amara looks on him with concern and releases them from Lucifer's binding before the two disappear.

Back at the Bunker, Sam and Dean discuss why Lucifer couldn't beat Amara. They hypothesize that the Hand of God has to be used by "God's Chosen," thus a cast-out archangel wouldn't qualify. Sam apologizes for not wanting to pull Lucifer out of Castiel, and Dean says that they agreed to respect each other's wishes, even if they don't agree with them. After that, Dean said they will "find that idiot and bring him home." Meanwhile, Amara is tossing Lucifer around. Lucifer suggests that he could be helpful to her in settling her score with God. She expresses distrust for him but agrees he could be useful in getting God to show himself, as he might be the one thing in creation that God still cares about—that God might show himself if Lucifer is threatened. As he is explaining that God will not come, Amara says that they will see and turns and points at Lucifer. He screams in agony as his chest and eyes start to glow with a bright light.


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  • Dean and Sam discover Rowena's death at the hands of Lucifer, and her subsequent revival. Rowena was killed by Lucifer at the end of The Devil in the Details.
  • In this episode, Lucifer enters Heaven for the first time in the series.
  • Castiel makes a brief return in this episode. He was last seen in The Vessel.
  • This episode features the first time an angel suppressing sigil was used on an archangel. Lucifer however, was able to remove the sigils after briefly being affected by it, showing immunity.
  • This episode features the first successful use of an exorcism since Mother's Little Helper. It is also the first time an exorcism was used on a demon, not to banish it back to Hell, but to save the demon. The Winchesters used it to expel Crowley when he was losing in a mental brawl when tried to expel Lucifer from Castiel's consciousness.


  • Lucifer sitting on an angel's lap during his speech wasn't scripted. It was Misha Collins' idea.
  • Rowena is shown to be alive, through a spell she put inside herself long ago that revived her after Lucifer snapped her neck.
  • Amara somehow knows that Rowena is Crowley's mother.
  • This episode features a third Hand of God, known as the "Horn of Joshua". Joshua is the central figure in the Hebrew Bible's book of Joshua. He became the leader of the Israelite tribes after the death of Moses, a figure who possessed another Hand of God.
  • Dean calls Sam "Dr. Phil". This is the third time Dr. Phil has been mentioned in the series.
  • The part where Lucifer slides to Amara was done by Misha standing on a rug and stage workers pulled it as filming went on.[1]
  • On top of one of the buildings as the camera descends down on the clouds, there is a building that says "AKF", a reference to Jared Padelecki's real life campaign.


  • Amara called Lucifer the "first son". It was previously established that Michael is the first archangel God created.
  • Crowley states that together the warding and holy fire can hold an archangel only for a moment. However, in Free To Be You and Me and Changing Channels, the Winchesters and Castiel trapped Raphael and Gabriel, and it was stated that they couldn't escape on their own. In Gabriel's case he indicated that he would be forever trapped if not released from the holy fire. It might be because Lucifer is stronger than Raphael and Gabriel.


  • Jofiel: So perfect. Castiel, Heaven's most wanted possessed by Heaven's most hated.

  • Lucifer You know what they say: he who hesitates, disintegrates!

[Lucifer snaps his fingers]

  • Amara: What they call destruction, I call renovation. My blueprints, not God's.

  • Angel: You exploded Jofiel.
  • Lucifer: Or did Jofiel explode himself? [angels stare] Just sayin'.
  • Angel 2: God cast you out of Heaven.
  • Lucifer: And who do you think spread that tabloid rumour? [Lucifer straddles the angel] It was Captain G, the Eternal One. And why? Because I didn't buy into his obssessive, compulsive love for mankind!
  • Angel: Mankind is his creation.
  • Lucifer: Oh, come on! It's not like he invented the Prius, which actually works. I don't have to tell you guys what a mess mankind is. The Salem Witch Trials. The Third Reich. The Twin Towers. I mean, sure, every once in a while we send a... plague to straighten them out. It's nothing permanent. Humanity brought us Hiroshima and got a redo; I simply questioned his priorities... and I got the boot!
  • Angel 2: He said you're evil.

[Lucifer glares, and all the angels exchanged worried glances]

  • Angel: Incarnate. Evil incarnate.
  • Lucifer: It's marketing. It creates a need in the consumer's mind. Can't be a super-savior without a super-villain.
  • Angel 3: So what are you offering?
  • Lucifer: Well, a way out of this pickle.
  • Angel 2: By pickle, do you mean Darkness?
  • Angel 3: Can you reason with her?
  • Lucifer: Doubt that. But I can lock her away. This time, for good. Done it before. [angels exchange glances] Well, Pops didn't tell you that, huh?
  • Angel: So once you've gotten rid of her, you'll want to... stay around?
  • Lucifer: Oh I like the way you think. [claps his hands] Man, am I jazzed. But if it makes you comfy, you could call me God.


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Supernatural 11x18 Promo "Hell's Angel" (HD)

Supernatural 11x18 Promo "Hell's Angel" (HD)



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