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Hel is the Norse Goddess of death that is featured in Supernatural: Carved in Flesh. She called herself as a "death" when Dean said that she was not Death. She proclaimed herself as Death's "little sister".

Physical AppearanceEdit

She was described as a woman with "Marble-white skin who wore the shadows around her like a cloak of night. Her eyes were solid obsidian, and her lips the bright red of arterial spray. She was the most beautiful being, male or female, that Catherine had ever seen".

Hel was summoned by Conrad Dippel (the original inspiration for Dr.Frankenstein) and she manifested in the body of Catherine Luss' dead teenage daughter Bekah. She obviously has the appearance of a teenager in spite of being thousands of years old.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Being a Pagan Deity and a goddess of death, Hel was extremely powerful.

  • Immortality - As a deity, Hel was not subject to old age or natural death.
  • Invulnerability - Hel could not be harmed by conventional means. While in a vessel, she was somewhat vulnerable if she was incapacitated by her vessel's brain being severed from her spinal cord which prevented Hel from using her powers on the body. Hel's vessel then became vulnerable to being cut up, burned and buried separately. However, this could not destroy the goddess and it was unclear if her vessel would decay into nothingness and return Hel to her realm or if she would remain trapped in the parts.
  • Possession - Unlike most gods, Hel required a vessel to walk in the living world. She needed a strong vessel that was prepared ahead of time in order to be able to hold her great power.
  • Super Strength - Hel possesses super strength.
  • Inter-Dimensional Communication - Hel was able to reach out from her realm of Niflheim and communicate with Conrad Dippel. She first contacted Conrad as a child and later stated that she had tried to reach many before him, but he was the only one who could hear her voice.
  • Portal Creation - As the body of Bekha Luss was almost ready to be resurrected to become Hel's vessel, she opened a portal from Niflheim from which her spirit emerged.
  • Necromancy - Hel stated that she would raise an army of the dead to take over the world.
  • Life Force Draining - Hel was able to drain the remaining life force from Marshall Luss after Dean set him on fire rather than allowing it to be wasted.
  • Rapid Aging - Using the Lapis Occultus, Hel was able to cause Conrad Dippel to rapidly age into dust.


  • Fire - Since her domain (Niflheim) was said be icy cold and she thrived in it, the brothers deduced that the opposite of cold i.e., Heat/Fire could at least harm her. In her incapacitated state, fire was able to damage her vessel at least.
  • Massive Body/Brain Damage - Dr. Catherine Luss pretended to join her "daughter" and impaled her in the head severing her brain's connections to the rest of the body. The Winchesters then chopped the body, burned the parts and buried them in various places so that Hel would be trapped forever in the body and could never be pieced together. It was likely that the parts would decay to nothing like the rest of Conrad Dippel's resurrected victims and the destruction of the body may have sent Hel back to her realm. However, they couldn't be sure if Hel was sent back or trapped in the body parts.



  • The way that Hel was defeated is quite similar to how Abaddon was defeated at the end of As Time Goes By. However, the novel left it unclear if her defeat and the effective destruction of her vessel left Hel trapped or sent her back to her own realm.
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