Heddy is the cousin of Bunny LaCroix.


After the death of Bunny LaCroix, Heddy and her relatives gather at the family home for the funeral. She meets Sam and Dean Winchester after the funeral's completion, and is the one to introduce the brothers to the other family members.

Interested in the brothers, Heddy slaps Dean in the rear and offers a threesome in their bedrooms, since the will reading is the following day and she expects the brothers to stay.

When Stanton ends up dead, Heddy is the first to cast accusations at his wife Amber, citing the fact that she sleeps around, though Dash is unconvinced. Heddy adds that if the story doesn't make sense, then they are free to hear Amber's side of the story, who claims the ghost of Lance LaCroix committed the murder. Curious, Dean leaves to investigate this possibility while Sam keeps an eye on Heddy and Dash, who continue arguing.

By the time Dean returns, Sam is playing cards with Heddy and Beverly. Dean tells Sam their suspect is the butler, Phillip, but while they search for him, Sam finds his corpse while Dean meets with a shapeshifter in disguise. In order to find out who the shapeshifter is, the brothers test silverware on the family members, with Sam approaching Heddy and Beverly.

The two are using a dating app to find Beverly a man, since Sam "won't bite". Sam flirts with them in order to get closer. Using a silver knife, Sam tests to see if they are shapshifters, but they prove to be human. It takes Dean to arrive for Sam to be able to wiggle his way out of the sisters' grasp.

When another dead body shows up, the brothers become suspects because they are the only thing that has changed. However, the maid Olivia reveals herself to be the culprit, as well as Bunny's daughter. Olivia intends to kill the rest of the family, but she is stopped and killed by Dean.



  • Heddy claims to own a "big, beautiful yacht". When Dash questions her about it, she admits it is a mahogany sunfish.
  • Heddy claims that she is 39 years old. However Dash says that she claims it since '03. If that were true she would be 50 when the episode aired.
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