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It's like Hell; all the torture, twice the self-righteousness.
— Anna to Dean Winchester

Heaven's Dungeon is special part of Heaven that was created to imprison rebellious angels.

This dungeon is equivocated to Hell by angels. The guards were ordered to torture their prisoners daily with an angel blade, to punish the angel for their crime against Heaven. Anna stated that it was worse than Hell for angels.[1] 


The dungeon has existed for years and exactly when it was created is unknown, although it was functional a short time after creation of humanity, and around the time Lucifer was tempting humans.

One of the earliest known prisoners the dungeons held was Gadreel, the angel who allowed the fallen archangel into paradise to trick Adam and Eve. At some point he was joined by Abner, a fellow angel who was imprisoned for abandoning his post. Both were held captive until the fall of the angels due to Metatron's spell.[2]

The dungeon following Gadreel's sacrifice.

When Castiel had Anna Milton captured, she was kept in one of the dungeons. She later escaped or was set free from them shortly before the apocalypse. Castiel himself may have been sent to the dungeons prior to Anna.[3] Castiel would later undoubtedly find himself a prisoner when he and Gadreel attempt to dispose Metatron as the ruler of Heaven. Following their capture, Gadreel gave his life to free Castiel destroying one of the prison cells. Metatron was then overthrown and held prisoner here.[4] Hannah later stated his door has been made permanent[5] and he was shown to be kept in a straightjacket.[6] Castiel later had Metatron brought to Earth by Ingrid in hopes of getting a cure to the Mark of Cain, but he was later returned to his cell.[7] In a second attempt to get a cure from Metatron, Castiel broke into Heaven with the help of the soul of Bobby Singer and the two visited Metatron in his prison cell. While reluctant, Castiel and Bobby broke Metatron out of his cell and took him to Earth.[8] Metatron later managed to escape from Castiel and avoid having to go back to his cell.[9]

For his role in the breakout, Bobby was locked in the jail but was eventually released by Jack after he became the new God.[10]



Although they appeared like normal prison cells with stone walls and iron bars, the dungeons are powerful enough to contain angels. The dungeons appeared to work by sapping an angel of its powers, although a few notable angels have been known to escape from it.

The dungeons are mobile and could materialize when needed. The dungeons materializes in a manner that separates its target prisoners. Once in place, few things could infiltrate the dungeons.


The only proper way to escape it is by using the proper keys. If her claim was true, Anna Milton escaped the dungeons using an unknown method. Gadreel managed to escape his cell and even demolish a nearby cell by using a spell that also took his life. Metatron's spell that forced all angels to fall from Heaven also overrode the detaining abilities of the dungeons.

Known Captives[]


  • Despite Hannah stating that Metatron's cell door had been made permanent in Black, Castiel and Bobby Singer were able to open it with a key kept in the cell area in Inside Man.
  • In Reichenbach, the dungeon was shown to still be damaged from Gadreel's explosion with debris still on the floor of the hallway, including a destroyed cell door.