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The Heaven's Weapons or the Angel Arsenal were divine weapons created by either the angels or God and imbued with supernatural power. These weapons were personally guarded by the angel Virgil prior to the Apocalypse. During the civil war in Heaven, they were stolen by Balthazar. Virgil then teamed up with the archangel Raphael, and the two sought the missing weapons. Each weapon holds a different power and appearance. Angelic weapons in general can harm angels inside vessels, as demonstrated by the Staff of Moses, and Lot's Salt. Only the latter, though, has proven capable of affecting an archangel. However, when all of the weapons are united, they had the capability to damage and even kill archangels like Raphael.

Known Weapons[]

The following are weapons of Heaven, once stored in a vault monitored by Virgil:

  • Staff of Moses: This rod-like weapon can be used to generate and inflict any one of the ten Egyptian plagues. Its power can harm humans and damage angels inside vessels.
  • Lot's Salt: This white-colored rock can be used to transform any humans' body into a pile of salt, including occupied vessels.
  • Gabriel's Horn of Truth: When people were being compelled to tell the truth, Dean and Castiel suspected that it was caused by Gabriel's Horn of Truth. However the Horn was not located, and the culprit was revealed to be the goddess Veritas.
  • Ark of the Covenant: Sam pretended to have found the Ark of the Covenant as a ruse to get Castiel to help him and Dean. It was implied to exist when Castiel fell for Sam's ruse. A piece of the Ark was found in 1943 and revealed to be a Hand of God. However, its power was expended by Delphine Seydoux and the fragment fell into the possession of the Winchesters.
  • Fate-Killing Blade: Castiel mentioned that Balthazar was in possession of a weapon capable of slaying Fate, and later Balthazar was seen sneaking up behind Atropos bearing a knife with a golden handle and silver blade. It can be assumed that this was another one of the angelic weapons, although it was never named in the story.[1]
  • Lance of Michael: A powerful lance created by the archangel Michael in order to slowly kill Lucifer. Will instantly kill anything evil and causes slow, painful death to anything good. After being used by Sam Winchester to kill the Prince of Hell Ramiel, it was destroyed by Crowley to save the life of Castiel.



  • During the civil war in Heaven, these weapons eventually fell into the possession of Castiel. It is currently unknown where they are located.
  • Somehow, the Lance of Michael wound up in the hands of Hell or at the very least, Crowley who gifted it to the Prince of Hell Ramiel. How an angelic weapon ended up in the hands of demons is never explained, although it could be during the civil war in Heaven when Balthazar was selling them in exchange for souls.