This mysterious instrument was being used by Jofiel to inspect doorways in Heaven (most likely personal heavens of the residents of heaven) when Lucifer showed up and, after arguing for sometime with him, Lucifer killed Jofiel when he tried to call for his brothers' help, pulverising him and the analyser he was holding as well. It's unknown if it was an unique instrument or there are more of it in heaven.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Heaven's Chambers Analyzer

The apparatus has a slightly deformed cylindrical shape, a panel with many lights that turn on when the analyser is working, a handle with a button, and one of the extremities has three small screws.


It must be placed in contact with the chamber's door and held while it activates a blue light in its extremity. Many lights of various colors in the panel will beep if the chamber is "fine"; it's unknown what happens when there is something wrong with the chamber as it was fully used only once.

Known UsersEdit



  • Instead of looking like a rustic and magical artifact like most of heaven-related artifacts, it looked more like a technological apparatus.
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