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Dean's blade burns red hot.

This spell was used by Cuthbert Sinclair to manipulate heat of an object in Blade Runners. With this spell, the user could manipulate heat of certain matter, like the machete which Dean used (which it made from iron).


To cast the spell, the user had to just simply recite the spell to the targeted object. Unlike other spells in  the Supernatural Universe, which mostly is in Latin, the spell is in Chinese. Indicating that the spell originated from China:

Shen ti rán shao!

After the spell was recited, the targeted object will burn hot. The heat produced is capable to burn anyone holding the object.


The spell, when translated can be taken two ways as the first two words can mean " Body" (身体) or "Brisk (fire to) Body" (燊体). Shāo 燒 means to burn, to bake, to roast, and other heat related actions.


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