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The Darkness heals God.

You're telling me you lost your mojo just in time to get me stuck in this trap the rest of my life?!
Bobby Singer, when Castiel explains he can't heal his legs
in Good God, Y'all

Healing is the ability (literally, the act) of alleviating or ameliorating injury and wounds. The efficiency of it varies from healer to healer.

This is a separate ability to healing factor or regeneration as it is one being able to heal another, not just themselves. Like resurrection, angels usually require the power of Heaven to heal though Grigori, Seraphim and archangels are able to use the power even while cut off.

God heals Lucifer.

God's ability to heal is shown to be extremely powerful: without being in Sam's presence, he healed him of his demon blood addiction and cured Sam and a town of a Rabid infection without being near everyone he healed. God was also able to effortlessly heal Lucifer's extensive injuries with just a finger wave.

His older sister's ability to heal is shown to be even more powerful: after reconciling with God, the Darkness was able to heal the fatal damage her nigh-omnipotent powers did to him, without any difficulty.

According to Castiel, it is not possible for an angel to heal an archangel.

Through magics, humans have shown the ability to perform healing. In particular, witch Rowena MacLeod created a powerful healing spell capable of healing even a wound in the Earth created by God himself leading to Hell.

The Wood Nymph Mrs. Butters was able to heal Sam though she had a green glow instead of a regular golden glow. It also caused Sam's removed fingernails to regrow instantly.

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  • Wounds inflicted by the Lance of Michael cannot be healed unless the Lance is destroyed.

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