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This unnamed angel briefly took charge of Heaven after the Darkness was released.

Season 11[]

This angel is first seen approaching an unnamed demon at a bar. The angel brings out his angel blade while the demon reveals his black eyes. They then sit down at a table together.

The two discuss the alarm that went off, the change that's been happening, and the state Heaven and Hell are in. The demon notes that the King is doing who-knows-what, while the angel admits Heaven has been "suck sandwich" since Hannah's death.

They agree that lower-ranked individuals like themselves are often the ones to suffer the most. The demon encourages that if management won't do something about it, then someone has to, referring to themselves, "the people". The two share a toast.

Later on, this angel gathers a group of other angels to encourage them to get past their differences and fight the Darkness together. When one angel, Daniel, shows skepticism that Amara would destroy Heaven since her issue is with God, this angel points out that God is currently absent, and Amara most likely plans to destroy all of God's creations, so it is up to them to stand up and fight.

During Dean and Amara's meeting, this angel appears along with two others, all wielding angel blades. He orders Amara to surrender, who refuses, saying that if they want her, they should have God come and fetch her. Daniel warns her that if she resists, the entire force of Heaven will rain down on her from above and smite her in a single unified blow.

The angel's demise.

Dean attempts to diffuse the situation, adding that innocent lives will be lost. The head angel tells Dean that they have reached the point where sacrifice is inevitable. When the head angel steps forward, Amara raises her hand, causing the head angel to explode. The other two are subsequently killed. As promised, however, the remaining angels in Heaven prepare to smite Amara, forcing her to send Dean away for safety.

Powers and Abilities[]

As an angel, this angel possessed standard angelic abilities.

  • Angelic Possession - He needed to possess a vessel in order to walk the earth, and required his consent.


This angel possessed weaknesses inherent in most angels.



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