Ooh! Dude. Is that the Haxon Ring?
Uh, yeah. It's pretty sweet, eh? I mean it's a bit...
Belphegor and Malfayan briefly discuss the ring.
in The Rupture

The Haxon Ring is a ring owned by Lilith with an unknown purpose.


Following Lilith's death, the ring becomes sealed in her chamber along with her other treasures.

In 2019, when God begins the end of the world by releasing all of the souls of Hell upon the world, he also opens every door in Hell, including the door to Lilith's Chamber. The chamber is raided for its treasures by the demon Malfayan who puts on the ring. When Castiel and Belphegor arrive, Belphegor notes Malfayan's possession of the Haxon Ring and the two begin commiserating over it. Castiel kills Malfayn with his angel blade and the ring is left on the demon's corpse on the floor of Lilith's Chamber.


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