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The Harvelle Family is a family of hunters.

Known members[]

  • William "Bill" Anthony Harvelle (deceased) - The husband of Ellen and father of Jo. Although a solo hunter, he worked with John Winchester on a case, during which he sustained fatal injuries. John was forced to shoot him to put him out of his misery. Bill's death devastated both his wife and daughter, but Ellen was able to forgive John and so did Jo, years later.
  • Ellen Harvelle (deceased) - Ellen was a retired hunter who worked at a Roadhouse. Following the Roadhouse's destruction, she returned to hunting and her daughter became her new hunting partner. They assisted Sam and Dean on a few cases until Jo was mortally wounded by a hellhound during their assault on Lucifer. Ellen chose to sacrifice herself by using explosives to kill all the hellhounds. In an alternate timeline, she was the wife of Bobby Singer.
  • Joanna "Jo" Beth Harvelle (deceased) - The only child of Bill and Ellen. When her father died, Jo sought to become a hunter so she could feel close to him, but her mother's protectiveness prevented that. She eventually succeeded in becoming a hunter and an ally of Sam and Dean. She died during the attack on Lucifer at William Jasper's Farm, where as a result of wounds sustained from a hellhound attack. Her ghost was briefly summoned by Osiris a few years later in an attempt to murder Dean.


  • John Winchester (deceased) - John befriended the Harvelles in 1995 and even went on a hunt with Bill. However, Bill got injured and John was forced to kill him. John cut all ties with the Harvelles after that and never forgave himself for Bill's death. Ellen was able to forgive him while Jo did not learn until much later about John's involvement in her father's death. This caused a rift in her relationship with John's sons, but she did forgive the brothers in the end, as well as John.
  • Sam and Dean Winchester - After John's death, Sam and Dean came to visit the Roadhouse and quickly befriended Ellen and Jo. They remained allies for a couple of years, helping each other on cases. However, a mission to kill Lucifer with The Colt led Jo to suffer mortal injuries, which drove Ellen to commit suicide so she could be with her daughter. Their deaths upset Sam and Dean greatly, with Osiris even pointing out that Jo's death was one of Dean's greatest regrets. Jo also had a crush on Dean, but they only managed to share a kiss on the day she died. Ellen's ghost however, is said to reside in Heaven, and is actively watching over the boys.
  • Bobby Singer (deceased) - Bobby had been friends with the Harvelles for sometime. He worked with Ellen in closing the Devil's Gate at Wyoming. He later helped Jo and Ellen during the mission to assassinate Lucifer, by providing the gang information. He was devastated to learn that not only did the mission fail, but Jo and Ellen were killed. Bobby decided to burn a photograph the gang took prior to the mission. In an alternate timeline, Bobby is married to Ellen.


  • Demons - A creature from Hell was responsible for mortally wounding Bill, forcing John to kill him. A demon known as Meg was also responsible for the hellhound that attacked Jo and for forcing Ellen to kill herself in order to eliminate the remaining hellhounds.
    • Meg - Was responsible for the hellhound that attacked Jo and for forcing Ellen to kill herself in order to eliminate the remaining hellhounds.
  • Osiris - This deity attempted to kill Dean by using his guilt against him. His plan was to have Jo's ghost kill Dean by causing an explosion, as Jo's death was something Dean regretted and Dean believed Jo had died that way. Fortunately, Sam managed to incapacitate Osiris, thus freeing Jo from her bounds and allowing her to return to Heaven.


  • The Harvelles are among the first allies of Sam and Dean to die as a result of working with them.