Professor Dr. Harrison Tate was a professor and atheist.


Early StoryEdit

Prof. Tate was an atheist and actively promoting his own thinking. He wrote a bunch of best-selling books trying to disprove God and Heaven. Angels of heaven knew about his works and keep their eyes on him.

At some point, Duma, the new Ruler of Heaven, came after him. She used him as the example to spread biblical signs to demonstrate the testament of heavenly powers, which in fact caused by Jack's powers.

Season 14Edit

Duma and Jack traveled to Prof. Tate office, surprising him. Duma reveal his works against heaven and tried to proved it and its glory to him. However, he was not impressed and dismissed it as an "attempt to replace wishful thinking with rational thought." Jack later said to him that God, Heaven, Angels exist. He also revealed his existence as Nephilim, Lucifer is his father and God is his grandfather.

Upset with them, Prof. Tate tried to call security to expel them out from his office. Jack later fling the phone telekinetically. While he disbelieved with what he had see, Jack later iodize him, turned him into a salt pillar. Prof. Tate screamed in agony, shortly before his demise.


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