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A Harpy was a type of monster that appeared in the novel Supernatural: Rite of Passage.


In 2011 three harpy sisters, Te, Aello and Podrage Yerakidis settled into a small town in the Adirondack mountains of upstate New York. The harpies settled into an abandoned Victorian mansion as their home, acquiring a green Chevy Suburban as a vehicle and making a killing ground in the woods near a foreclosed house in town. The three harpies kept their appearances hidden with cloaks no matter the weather and kidnapped targets of opportunity in the area, ate them in their killing ground, buried their bodies in shallow graves and burned their belongings.

The harpies activities drew the attention of hunters Bobby Singer and Sam and Dean Winchester. The hunters initially thought they were dealing with dragons again until they found harpy feathers. The hunters eventually matched the timeline of the first disappearance to shortly after the Yerakidis sisters arrived in town and located their house while one of the harpies was off getting another victim. After a brief scuffle between the Winchesters, Te and one of her sisters, the harpies fled in their vehicle, flattening the tire of the Winchesters car to delay their following.

Eventually, after searching, Bobby located the harpies vehicle and followed it to the house near their killing ground. Armed with rifles and hunting knives, the three hunters made their way through the woods and discovered the harpies victims before being attacked by Podrage. In the scuffle that followed, Podrage attempted to make off with Bobby while Dean attempted to weigh her down with his own body weight. Using Bobby's rifle, Sam shot Podrage through the heart, stunning her long enough for Bobby to drive his knife through her heart, taking Podrage out of the fight. Enraged, Te knocked Sam into a tree and sent Aello to kill Dean. As Dean attempted to raise his rifle in time, Bobby hit Aello with three shots from a pistol, injuring and distracting her long enough for Dean to get his rifle and put two shots through her heart. Before Dean could get his knife through Aello's heart, an enraged Te attacked him in revenge, knocking Dean's rifle from his hand and lifting him into the air. Dean eventually managed to use his knife to slice Te's wrist and force her to drop him, but was winded in the process and lost his knife. As Te went to eviscerate him and Bobby was unable to get off an effective shot at the range he was at, Sam recovered and despite hallucinations of Lucifer, shot Te twice in the heart with Bobby's rifle. Dean then used Sam's knife to impale Te's heart and located his own for Bobby to finish the recovering Aello.

Following the fight, the three hunters burned the harpies bodies, killing them and placed an anonymous call to 911 so the bodies of their victims could be located. The next day, the three hunters found a newspaper article about the authorities digging up the harpies killing ground and blaming it on a cannibal woodsman. Bobby noted that while the victims families would never know what happened to them, they would at least get as much closure as was possible in the situation.

Powers and Abilities

A harpy was a monster with fairly weak abilities:

  • Flight - With their wings, harpies are capable of flight.
  • Talons and Claws - On their hands and feet, harpies possess deadly talons and claws.
  • Super Strength - A harpy is stronger than a human, able to throw a grown man across a clearing and lift two grown men into the air, albeit with difficulty.
  • Invulnerability - A harpy can only be killed by being burned though they are susceptible to being injured.
  • Regeneration - A harpy can heal any damage to itself if its body is not burned. They are capable of quickly recovering from bullet injuries to their hearts unless a knife is put through the heart to make it more permanent.


  • Massive Heart Damage - Massive damage to a harpy's heart could incapacitate it temporarily. A bullet to a harpy's heart would incapacitate it until the wound regenerated, but sticking a knife into the heart would incapacitate a harpy until the knife was removed or the harpy was burned.
  • Fire - The only way to truly kill a harpy is to burn their body.


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